1. The Key

    Date: 9/18/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: bySuprmodl36, Source: Literotica

    She sits, still half dressed in her slip, skirt, and heels, with the flogger lying limp across her thighs. She is stunned at how it came to be lying on her lap in the first place. She knows she needs to get up and make dinner, but she can't stop the scene replaying in her head. — She walked into the bedroom, dying to take off her heels and take down her hair. She stewed on the day's last meeting as she pulled off her suit jacket and blouse before stepping in front of the mirror. That's when she saw the key in the lock of his nightstand reflected there. She froze in her lace slip, skirt, and heels, slim arms above her head, gripping the hair pins. She knew the drawers locked—her nightstand drawers did as well, though she'd lost the key and had nothing worth locking up anyway—but she never thought he would lock them. Her curiosity got the best of her and she walked over to his side of the bed. The key clicked ominously in the barrel as she turned it. Curiosity turned to rage as she pilfered through the drawer: a heavy leather collar with intricate scrollwork, matching wrist cuffs, several objects for which she could not imagine a use, the scent of another woman's perfume, and a heavy leather flogger. She was irrationally drawn to the flogger and rage took her completely: she spent several hysterical minutes mercilessly flogging his pillow. When her arm was exhausted, she crumpled to the floor in front of his nightstand and something else in the drawer caught her eye through her tears. A photograph of a naked woman was tied on top of a stack of hand-addressed envelopes. The meticulous, elegant writing on each envelope spelled out his name and work address, the postmark indicating that it was mailed recently and from the same zip code as his office building. Another look at the photo further stirred her rage: a young woman with tousled hair, sumptuously large breasts, and long legs punctuated with red stilettos sat naked, legs slightly spread, on the floor leaning against a wall covered in the same damask wallpaper in the dining room downstairs. She was sure she didn't want to know how this woman came to be naked on her dining room floor but she began reading the letter just under the photograph anyway: Good evening sir, Thank you for allowing me to visit you yesterday. The pain of the beautiful marks you left on my ass, legs, and back reminds me of our time together as I write to you. It is my pleasure to perform the task of recording my service to you and the pain thrills me—and will for days—each time I sit down. Yesterday I arrived at your home at the appointed time and entered through the front door to find you sitting in the dining room. I watched you read on your phone for a moment, devastatingly sexy with your glasses perched on your nose. When you noticed me, I struggled to keep my eyes cast respectfully downward, but just the sight of you there in the morning sunlight watching me made it difficult to keep my eyes off you. My desire was ...