1. My wif and I with Holiday Neighbours, part 2

    Date: 9/18/2019, Categories: First Time Masturbation / Toys Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: si4, Source: xHamster

    Holiday Fun with Wife and Neighbours, Part 2I should probably title this differently because what I am about to tell you happened a month or so after we returned home.At some point while away either my wife Jane or myself had given Victoria an email address and so we weren’t that surprised when we got a message. She had a weekend coming up and asked if she could take us up on our offer of coming down to visit for a couple of days. Her husband was going to be away on some business trip and their daughter was going away with friends. Victoria wanted to come alone but her controlling bastard of a husband (her words) would only let her if she agreed to take their son Matthew with her. Presumably he thought that would mean she had to behave herself.Anyway, I think Jane was quite pleased Matthew was coming as I am sure she thought she would find some time somehow to carry on her little exhibitionist adventure. We certainly had some great sex leading up to the weekend. I loved the way she got really turned on when I teased her about his cock and how much she would love to have it inside her various holes. I teased her to the point she was orgasming almost continually while I fucked her.When the weekend came and Victoria and Matthew arrived, there was strange tense atmosphere. I don’t know if it was the expectation of what anyone thought might happen, slight embarrassment at what happened before or what. It was clear that we really didn’t know each other that well.In any case we put Victoria in the large spare room with the double bed that backed on to our bedroom and Mathew was given one of the single rooms further down the hall. They had arrived late and after a couple of wines and innocent chat, which seemed to relax everyone, Victoria confessed to being very tired after the long drive and took herself off to bed.That left Matthew, Jane and myself sat in the lounge. My wife asked Mathew how he had been since they he last saw her. He blushed and said okay.Jane couldn’t help herself “Did you miss me Matthew?”“Yes Mrs F, I did”“I’m pleased Matthew, I missed you too”“Can we um, you know, do something now?” Mrs F “Please”“What Mathew? What do you want to do?” Obviously she knew but my wife loved teasing the poor lad.“You know, like on holiday” He said.“Oh, that. You mean you want me to get naked so you can look at my body while you wank yourself off. Is that right?”“Well, yes. Please can we?” he asked again.“No, Mathew, don’t you think that would be a bit dangerous with you mum in the house? What if she came in and caught us?”“I am sure she won’t, Oh, please, please” Now he was begging.“I’ll tell you what, Mathew” said my wife, “You go get ready for bed and I’ll think about it”Off he went, and I looked at my wife>“What are you up to?” I asked her“Look, I am a little uneasy about doing stuff with him while his Mum is in the house.”“But you want to, right?” I asked“Yes, of course, my pussy is drenched at the thought of his spurting young cock. I probably ...