1. Tell Me What To Do

    Date: 9/18/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: bywrite4joy, Source: Literotica

    "Do you see that?" "Yes, I do," my husband, Alan, said. "I wonder why she does that." "To draw attention to herself," he said. "Well, she's doing that for sure. She got your attention, buddy." "Maybe she likes it," he said. "How could you...wait, do see that? That guy's fondling her breast!" I said. "Seems she likes that a lot. How about you, honey? Would you like some guy feeling you up in public?" "Alan! How can you even think that?!" I stuck my tongue out at him and turned back to the woman standing under the patio cover next to the pool. I didn't know her, but then I didn't know half the people at this party that a local attorney was having at his home. Her daring had attracted three men, but only one was grabbing the goods. My husband kept glancing to where she stood. She looked up at him and smiled and then turned her attention back to her three admirers. "So, big boy," I said. "What if that was me? Would you like me displaying myself like that?" "Well...," he said, drawing out the word. Then, he grabbed my hand. "Let's go talk to Bill and Carol over there." Off we went, just as the woman was kissing one of the men on his cheek. Later, as we snuggled in bed, I whispered in Alan's ear. "You didn't answer my question." "What question?" "Would you like seeing me acting out in public like that woman at the party?" "That's not you, Annie," he said. "I know, but would you?" "Years ago, before I met you, I went out with a woman for a while and she was like that. She loved to show off. She loved to flaunt her body, always safely, mind you, but she got off on flashing some skin and being overtly sexual." "Did you like that?" "Actually, I did. It was a turn on. She even had me suggest something for her to do once in public and it was a rush to see her do what I told her to do. Later, I learned that a fair number of guys like to show off the woman they're with. Sometimes, the woman ends up completely nude in a public setting." "Are you sad that I don't do that?" "No, Annie, of course not!" You're really sexy to me just as you are." It was the right thing for him to say. I kissed him deeply, and that was the start of an intense, sweaty, erotic round of sex. When I returned from a five-day research conference in Atlanta, I was looking forward to a long weekend before going back into the lab. Alan had reservations at a small Italian restaurant that we'd been going to for years and, afterwards, we enjoyed some slow jazz at an adjoining club. It was a wonderful, romantic evening, after being apart for some days. The next morning, I was tending to some house plants when Alan walked in. "Now there's a sight," he said. "Just stand there and don't move." I did as he asked. He pulled out his phone and took a photo of me holding a potted succulent. I smiled as he took another. Then he walked up to me and unbuttoned my shirt so that my gray sports bra was showing. He backed up and snapped another shot. "What are you doing?" I said, laughing. "I'm starting a ...