1. At Jim's house on Saturday

    Date: 9/18/2019, Categories: Anal Voyeur / Exhibitionism Interracial Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    Ana had been making her Wednesday routine at Jim’s house during three long months. She did not talk too much with me about this; but I knew she was enjoying being well fucked by his huge black cock.One Wednesday when she came home I asked her how she had spent a good time and she just responded me by sticking my hand between her legs so I could feel how wet and cum filled she was.The best part was eating her before she would take a shower.She finally admitted she was having a very good time every day she visited Jim. He enjoyed four full hours of black dick on her delicate white body. She always was leaving his house very well worn out and sometimes a bit sore. Ana said Jim treated her tight asshole in a very brutal way and he sodomized her until she came screaming and crying loud the black guy’s name…This was the most she told me about her weekly fuck with Jim…The next Wednesday Ana got home and again she made me feel the wetness and stickiness of what she had been doing the past four hours. Soon I was filling her cunt with my warm semen; just like Jim had done with his giant black dick.As we were recovering our breath on our bed, Ana told me Jim would call me later. He said he would like to start next week doing it on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Jim also invited me to his house on Saturday to have a few beers and watch a soccer game. A couple of his black mates would be also there…I thought I would go to Jim’s house to watch my wife being wildly gangbanged by a bunch of horny niggers; but Ana told me that Jim just wanted to thank me for letting him use my sexy wife’s body.Anita would stay at home on Saturday…I got to Jim’s house. His entertainment room was great. He had there a very large flat screen; a nice sound system and comfortable chairs and recliners. There it was also a small dance area with a pole in the center.Walking to the room I could hear strip bar music and a couple of black guys screaming and yelling out.I was hoping to see Ana shaking her nice boobs and ass in front of the two black guys; but it was a sexy black woman up dancing around the pole.Jim then introduced me to his black buddies, Rick and Aaron.We got to talking about how fine the black dancer was. She was a sexy ebony piece in her mid-thirties; she had nice boobs and a pair of killer legs standing on high stilettos heels.Jim said the game was about to begin. Then he paid the stripper for her performance and walked her to the front door.The game started and Jim called a maid to bring some beers. When the woman came in, I had to take a second look. She had on a bodice, blouse and a tight skirt. The outfit was sexy in a way without showing much skin. I did leave out one minor detail...It was my own sexy wife Ana there serving the drinks…She walked over to me; asking if the beer was cold enough.I said it was fine and she smiled, saying I had done a good choice.I was enjoying a black beer and Ana said the darker the better…She then walked over to Aaron and Rick. Ana ...