1. Sex goddess - part 1

    Date: 10/9/2019, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Nirali, Source: sexstories.com

    The train to Madurai reached its destination in the late afternoon. There had been a delay of 3 hours. Those 3 hours had been a lazy duration with in and out of sleep. I stretched my arms and yawned as I alighted on the platform. I am 5’8”, normally built and little tanned. If I didn’t shave for two days then I would look handsome enough to earn me some looks from the girls. I was dressed in a loose t-shirt and denims. I was still not completely awake. I found a tea vendor and clutched the Styrofoam cup to my cheek, my eyes closed. Winter was colder down here then it had been at home. I sat there and finished the tea and asked the tea vendor directions for the waiting rooms. I freshened up in the waiting rooms and bought a bus tickets to Kumily. The bus was going to leave after an hour so I had some lunch and coffee at a restaurant. The bus came soon after. I had my seat in the back section. The journey was going to take five odd hours. The bus was quite empty, only 7 or 8 other travelers and the a/c was on despite the cold weather. I had snuggled under a blanket and fallen asleep by the time we had reached the outskirts of the city. Suddenly I felt something wet in my ear. And then a hand rubbing his semi hard cock through my denims. I woke up with a sharp intake of breath. A girl was sitting beside me and was licking my ear. She had long messy hair and was wearing a tight floral shirt that seemed to be bursting with her boobs. "Don't move. I am Aeishwarya" She whispered in his ear and probed his ear with her tongue. She gripped his cock and squeezed it hard. She had a very soft voice and one that seemed to be affecting my cock.My brain couldn’t argue with her and it seemed i was made to obey her. I realized that night had fallen early and that the blanket now covered both of us. The lamps above their seats were off and the rest of the bus was dark. The guy who had been sitting two seats behind was not there now and there was nobody else behind them. The bus was still pretty much empty. "What time is it?" I asked her between breaths. "Time to make you my slut." she said and bit on his neck and sucked. She continued necking me and rubbing my cock for another 15-20 minutes. I was so scarred that I couldn’t even moan! Then she told me to put my hand around her. The arm rest between us was already pulled back. "Don't just sit there you slut. Serve my boobs" I put my one arm around her and then both my hands under her shirt. I pulled her bra under the breasts and started caressing her wonderful big boobs. I realized that if her boobs felt so wonderful under the shirt, how amazing they would feel without the shirt! Not wanting to jinx my luck, I just continued to do what I was told. Aeishwarya purred and unzipped my denims. She gripped my cock and started jerking slowly. They played with each other while she dirty talked in his ear. After some time she bit my ear, "Is this the best you can do? Haven't you been taught earlier? Is it the first time you ...