1. L015: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Vacation 4

    Date: 10/9/2019, Categories: Fetish Author: Cammi, Source: LushStories

    When we get home from dinner you carry me to the changing table and undress me. My diaper is pretty wet by now from both of my drippings. I lay back so you can change me but when you open my diaper and wipe me clean you do something different. Something that surprises me and for this first time, I am not sure about. You lift my legs up to my shoulders and then I feel you press the big thermometer into my asshole. It is dipped in lubricant so it doesn’t really hurt going in. You hold me like this for a couple of minutes before removing it. You tell me that you will have to do it once a day at least, more if I show any fever. That is part of the daily tracking. I’m telling you I am not liking the sound of this tracking thing more and more. You diaper me and put a onesie on me. You take me to the big rocking chair and hold me in your lap as you feed me my night baby bottle. The rocking really works as I suck. By the time you have burped me I am falling asleep. You carry and put me in my crib. I start to cry a little, which you know why. “Baby I will carry you to our bed when I come back, sweetie. Right now, I want to be sure you are safe here while I finish up setting things up. You will wake up beside me in the morning,” you tell me as you place a pacifier in my mouth. I sleepily nod to you and lay down as you raise the bars. You are gone for a while setting up the tracking system on both our laptops. In the morning, I do wake up in my Daddy’s arms pressing against his morning hard cock. As I squirm against you, my plastic diaper cover rubbing against your cock, you happily awake. You love to feel this against you each morning. It arouses you not only from sleep but in that other way as well. Your fingers move inside my diaper and run up and down my already wet slit. Rubbing against you arouses me fully too. We just lay there for several minutes as you check to see if I am wet and pleasure me. When my back arches pressing into your chest and my crotch pressing further into your fingers you know I have come. My moans of pleasure confirm it. I turn to you and move down your crotch now, I take Little Danny, now so nice and big, into my mouth and suck you as my fingers play with your balls and taint. It does not take long until you too are moaning with pleasure and my mouth fills with your cream. Both now sated, for the minute, you leave me on the bed as you go and relieve yourself the other way and shower and shave. You come back and take me to the changing table and remove my wet diaper. You take and place me on my special potty seat. It is lower than a regular toilet, more like the ones found in elementary schools, but sitting this way, with my knees up as I squat, does make me feel so like your little girl as I do my business. Then it is my bath time. Today you place me in the big farmer type sink in the bathroom. It is large enough for me to sit in and feel so like your baby girl as you wash me. The water is warm and inviting and being washed with ...