1. Sir

    Date: 10/9/2019, Categories: Spanking Author: KimmiBeGood, Source: LushStories

    I walk into the club with Sir. I am wearing an off-the-shoulder short black knit swing dress. It shows off my ample breasts and clings to my round bottom. I have to admit, I feel good in this dress. It has been a few months since my relationship with Mr. B ended. I didn't think I would ever get over him until I met Sir. He is a Dom. This submissive/dominant thing is still strange to me, but it feels like what I need right now. It is a weird thing. A man is telling me what to do ... controlling me. Yet, I have never felt so strong. I met Sir in a club and we had a very strong chemistry from the start. We went out a few times before he told me he wanted me to be his submissive. As I said, it is a strange new thing for me, but feels so good! He leads me to the dance floor. I love the way he stares at me. He looks me up and down like he wants to devour me. I am swinging my hips seductively to the beat. Then, he smiles and moves closer and puts one hand on the small of my back and snakes his other up underneath my skirt. Instinctively, I smack his hand away. His eyes turn dark and I immediately realize I have made a mistake. A big mistake. Sir grabs my hand and leads me quickly through the club towards the back patio. I have to think fast. "Sir, I'm sorry. Let's dance some more," I say sweetly, trying to halt our movement. I lean up to kiss his sexy mouth. He puts a finger to my lips, blocking my kiss. He yanks on my hand again pulling me harder and moving more quickly. Oh no. He pulls me out the door to the patio. There are a few couples at the bar on the patio. "Pull down your panties," Sir says sternly, looking at me with his dark eyes. "No ... please ... I won't do it again," I anxiously plead. "Pull down your panties," Sir repeats sternly. By this time, we have attracted the attention of the other couples. My face grows red in embarrassment. I have to please Sir. I slowly reach down and slide my panties down to my knees. I can hardly breathe. Sir sits down on a bar stool beside me. "Bend over my lap, Kimmi," he orders. I take a deep breath and do as he says. I am dying of embarrassment, and grab onto his legs for support. He places one hand on my back to hold me down. He raises my dress with the other hand. It seems like an eternity, then smack smack smack . His big hand comes down on my naked bottom. I glance to the side and see all the shocked eyes upon us. You could hear crickets it is so quiet. I bury my face in his legs and hold him tightly. I do trust him. And for whatever reason, this is turning me on and making me feel safe with him. He continues to spank me harder and harder. My bottom is stinging, but I am feeling such a strong bond with this man. As I try to wriggle free, he holds me tighter. Finally, he stops and says, "Are you going to ever move my hand away again?" "No," I whisper. "No, WHAT?" he says. "No, Sir," I whisper. "Louder," he says. "No, Sir," I say loudly, looking back at him. He gives me one last hard spank and pulls me ...