1. The Gay Game Player.

    Date: 10/9/2019, Categories: First Time Gay Anal Author: jaglofacock, Source: xHamster

    I would go to the Gamming room every so often to see who was there. I would look for the guy that was not with a girl, I then would play a few games every night if he was there. I would ask him what he liked to do for fun and I would tell him what I liked to do for fun. But never about having sex with me. One night he said, "Do you have any Games at your house that we can play? I am tired of these." I said, "I have a few. What kind of games do you have?" He said he had a few, that he would have to go home and get them. He asked, if I could give him a ride to go get the? We went and got them and went back to my house. We played games for about a week, when I kept sitting closer and closer to him every night. He did not say anything about it, in a way I think he knew what I was doing. Well one night I put my hand on his knee "by accident" and started rubbing it. He looked at me and said, "What are you doing?" I said, "OH, sorry." I knew what I was doing all the time. He said, "That's OK." I was getting horny by now and could not take it. So I got up and went into my room and put on the tightest shorts I could find so he could see my Cock getting Hard. I wanted to see if he would look at my Cock. Well when I walked back in the room, my Cock was already Hard and he could see it. I sat down beside him and started playing the game again. Every once in awhile I could see him looking at my Cock. I then asked him if he had ever done it with another Man before. He blushed a little and said he had not. Then I asked have you ever had sex with a girl before. He said "No". Hhe said he went out with a girl, but never had the guts to ask to have sex with them. I reached over and put my hand on his Package and started Rubbing his Cock. I was Rubbing his Cock for about 10 seconds and it was getting Hard. I then asked him if I could Suck on his Cock? He turned Red as a Beet. He said, "I don't know?" As if to say "Maybe". I grabbed his hand and put it on my Hard Cock. Well, he took no time to start Rubbing my Cock. I then reached over and unbuttoned his pants. Then he started to take off his shoes and socks, he stood up and I took off his pants and shirt. I then took off his underwear his Cock came out, stand straight up. He said, "OH, Fuck! What am I doing." I said, "It's OK, don't worry." As I stood up taking off my shirt and shorts. I then slowly laid him on the couch and started to Lick on the Head of his Cock and Soft Balls. Then I stroked his Cock and out came a little Precum. I licked it off the head of his Cock. Then he said, " OH! Fuck I am not Gay." I said, "Yes, but do you like it?" He just shook his head yes. That's all that counts for me. He had a small Cock about 5 inches long with a Big Fat Head on it and a thin rod. I then started Sucking on it, I got the Head in my mouth. Damn it was Big, I could feel it Throbbing in my mouth, then I put it down my Throat. I could feel that head go down my Throat. I Sucked it in and out about 6 times when I felt him ...