1. Back in Time Day 1

    Date: 10/24/2019, Categories: Fiction Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Lesbian Interracial Romance Teen Author: LongDickJohnson2281, Source: sexstories.com

    It was senior prom and Tyrone was alone. He asked three different girls to prom that year but not a single one of them wanted to go with him. He had done it all. He used flowers, chocolate. He even serenaded one of them. But all to no avail. Not a single one of them accepted his promposal. The first girl he asked was Amy. The two of them had been friends for a long time, and in middle school Amy had a huge crush on him. He serenaded with a song that he wrote and went all out with chocolate and flowers. At the time she seemed really uncomfortable and said yes. It wasn’t until later that she said that she didn’t want to go with him. After she rejected him, he asked one of the few Asians from his school. She was called Jasmine and was bullied frequently. He figured she’d say yes because no one else wanted to ask her out. Tyrone asked and was immediately denied. Jasmine said something to him about how he was really nice but that her parents would kill her if she dated a black man. He let her keep the flowers. Tyrone looked out the window to the starry night sky above the beautiful city below. He wished that he could do it all over again. If he could just go back to middle school and fix these problems. His life now would be so much happier. Tyrone groggily woke up. He knew it must’ve been Sunday morning already. The bright sun awoke him by breaking through his thin drapes. The piercing light lit up his room. He grabbed his phone and noticed something strange. It was an iPhone 5C. He knew that he owned a 6S. Did someone replace his phone? Rubbing his eyes, he took another look. Yes that was in fact an iPhone 5C. He tried to turn it on only to see a battery with a red vertical bar indicating that it needed to be charged. He got out of bed to plug it into his charger. If he couldn’t use his phone, then perhaps he could use his computer to access Facebook. Tyrone opened his laptop and tried to access his Facebook. As a daily habit, he always checked the daily news bulletin. When he tried to access it, he noticed it. Sunday, October 20, 2014 Ebola Crisis Continues to Worsen in Sierra Leonne Turkey to Engage in the War Against ISIS US to Ramp up Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria Tyrone blinked a few times. He stood up and realized that he was a little bit shorter than normal. He ran to the bathroom to look at the mirror and nearly freaked out. He touched his face and realized that his beard was gone. His entire face looked a bit more babyish that normal. He was fourteen again. It must be a dream Tyrone took off his clothes and jumped into the shower. That’s when Tyrone looked down and realized that even his dick was smaller. He quickly took a shower, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. Confused, Tyrone put on some pants and walked into his kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner. “About time you woke up” She said. “Good morning to you too” he replied sarcastically. The entire living room seemed to be different. Their old couch with its broken springs was ...