Date: 10/25/2019, Categories: Fantasy Anal Straight Sex Teen Romance Author: James Dylan Dean, Source: sexstories.com

    THE GIRL AT WALMART: Jackson Bridgemont was sitting in his living room when he finally realized what his main problem was. He was bored with his life. He had no local friends, his best two: a previous live in lover lived fifty miles away and his brother over a hundred and fifty miles away, lived just too far away to be anything but cell phone friends, not that that was bad, though. But, to have a close chum to do things with and share in personal things was not possible under the current situation. When he thought about it, he realized that the best times of his life had been when he had worked retail with a large national supermarket chain. He had really loved his job and the people that he worked with. He still shopped there for his groceries and anything else he needed that they carried. It had been a union job and that was important because of the very nice pension that he got from them through the union. But, when he asked to return to work part time, they turned him down flat with no explanation despite the ready appearance of notices in the store asking for help and the laws of the state to not discriminate on the basis of age. He had a very fine employment record with them, and was readily known by his continual shopping there. But, for reasons unexplained they refused to utilize him in any capacity in the store. When he went to the union over it, they acknowledged that it was blatant age discrimination, but let him down softly with the assertion that proving that was a very difficult accomplishment, because the companies worked overtime to find a list of excuses that they could use on any assertions of this, and with the political climate as it was now, the courts tended to favor the companies to a considerable degree. So, Jackson with a smile acknowledged that and left the union office determined to find a way to be utilized by someone. Walmart was always considered the dire enemy of union workers and had a very shabby record of how it treated its employees as far as pay and benefits were concerned. But, Jackson did utilize the store for things that he could not find with his previous retail employer and on his next visit to them to buy some dry carpet cleaner, that wasn‘t carried by his previous store, he noticed a couple of signs up that proclaimed that Walmart hired without any age discrimination, if the person could fill an employee need in the store. So, Jackson called the administration of the pension fund the next day and was told that he could work anywhere he wanted and with whomever he wanted, because of his age, even though he was on a union pension. And they were especially annoyed when it was brought up to them that he had been refused a return to the company that he had worked for, for over thirty-five years. Among other reasons it was because when a former employee returns to the company, it saves the company money by replacing the total loss of the pension payments with at least some return by returning to work and ...