Date: 10/25/2019, Categories: Fantasy Anal Straight Sex Teen Romance Author: James Dylan Dean, Source: sexstories.com

    ... around work, but there was a lot of happiness too for the couple. Two misfits, they thought, that had found happiness and love. That kind of thing is infectious, you know. Even the company got into it by giving them a baby registry to help them with the coming supplies for a new life. During the next few years, along with a reduced working schedule, a baby to take care of and her working on an artist’s correspondence course to advance her nascent drawing skills, her attentions to Jackson somewhat suffered. But he was not alone, nor totally ignored either. It was a happy home for them. One day, while their grade school child was with a neighboring family, playing with their children; Lydia got home to find Jackson curled up in his chair and very cold and stiff. She checked at his neck and found there to be no pulse and so she called 911 and fell to the couch in abject horror over his apparent death. When the EMT’s came in to check on him, one of them took her into his arms to let her mourn her dear loss. But, one of the others passed on a slip of paper on which he had written in his final moments, I LUV YOU, LYD…… With this being handed to her, she then collapsed into the arms of her attending EMT and cried ...
    ... her heart out. When things straightened out, she found that with generous gifts to his previous children, he had also made provisions for her and their boy, with her getting possession of their condo of love with an income to keep the payments up until it would be paid for. She was just overwhelmed by that totally loving act on his part. And it finally convinced her that he had dearly loved her during his last years of life. Ben, the attending EMT to her, came back to visit her and check up on her over the next few months and later to his parent’s delight they got married and enjoyed a long and happy marriage with two more children by her. By then she had long left off working at Walmart as she had made a name for herself as an illustrator of novels and gift cards. The store was very generous to her on her separation from their business and on their own authority carried her line of gift cards in their cards section. A year after Ben passed away in their long future together, they found her in her chair, the same one as had held Jackson in his final hour of life, also passed away with a piece of paper with two illustrations on it, one of Jackson and one of Ben and the words: I LUVED YOU BOTH, YOU WONDERFUL MEN!