1. A passionate night of sex with the wife

    Date: 10/26/2019, Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Straight Sex Romance Masturbation / Toys Wife / MILF Author: sexstoryman, Source: sexstories.com

    After getting home from work I felt completely exhausted and started to head into the living room after pulling my boots off in the hallway. When I opened the door to the living room I was more than a little surprised with what I saw. My beautiful wife was sitting seductively on the sofa wearing a sexy lace piece of lingerie and a small lacy thong underneath of it, waiting for me to come and make her cum as many times as I could. My wife is 5’10”, with a gorgeous face that is accented perfectly by her dark brown hair which runs halfway down her back. She isn’t too skinny but also isn’t on the chubby side either, a nice balance right in between the two that gives her perfect sexy curves. She has D cup breasts that fill out any outfit completely. Her ass is nice and full, but not overly so. Her thighs are full and on the thicker side, but sexy as hell. As it was her lingerie was filled with lace and showed more than it covered, which made it all the sexier. It had thin pink straps on her shoulders. The area around her breasts was tightly checkered with light pink lace. It was packed enough to where you didn’t have the perfect view of her chest, but loose enough to where you could make out the majority of her boobs. You could see the outline of her creamy brown areoles which are about a quarter inch bigger than a half dollar coin in diameter. You could also see her perky nipples pushing just slightly through in the center of her areoles. Overall her breasts are flawless, the perfect size to suck away for as long as you want and she loves every second of it. As the lingerie curved down her body it was tight under her breasts and around her hips, accenting her curves perfectly. It ended only an inch after her ass and with the way she was sitting I could see right up underneath of it. At that time the view consisted of a skimpy black thong that didn’t cover much. It had a small triangle of black fabric that covered her most precious region but the rest was only connected by a thin piece of black fabric. All in all it covered very little, but just enough to make me want to see more and to drive me wild. As I walked over I could already feel my exhaustion from the day melting away as a new found excitement started wash over my body. I could feel my heartrate quickening and my breathing getting a little louder with the anticipation. While I was walking over to her she slid her hands up and over her chest, sliding her hands from inside of them and slowly working it towards the outside, pulling each boob seductively. She continued to spread her legs a little farther apart, making it an even more inviting target for my affection. Once I got over to her I got on my knees beside the sofa and pulled face and lips into mine, kissing her deeply and passionately. I reached my hands down towards her chest but she slapped it away and pulled my hand towards the sides of her face instead. I grabbed a hold of her head firmly and pulled it into my kisses working myself ...