1. Teen Titans Chronicles 4: Young Justice

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    Teen Titan's Chronicles 4: Young Justice. Hi, I know I say this with a lot of my stuff, but sorry about the gaps between my writing. I haven't got much of a defence, except that I get easily distracted by other stuff and it takes me a while to get back to doing this. I did get halfway through another story in this series, however, my computer crashed and I lost everything. I will be re-writing this story in the future, with some improvements. I have decided to put my The Big Bang Theory series on hold and keep going with my Teen Titan's Chronicles. If people want me to go back to The Big Bang Theory let me know and I’ll have a crack at that. Please note that my Teen Titans series is based on the comics rather than the show, and this storyline is set during the Teen Titan's storylines that occur just before Infinite Crisis. I’m mainly doing it like this because it provides me with the best range of characters and because I love this version of the story. I realise that since the New 52 storyline has come in, a lot has changed, however, it appears that they have switched back again or something. Not going to lie, some of the more recent changes with DC have really confused me. At this point I don’t think I’ll do any stories involving the New 52 Teen Titans, they really haven’t left me enough characters to do any decent stories with. So far in this series we've had the two introductory stories and the Wonder Girl solo story (well solo except for Wonder Woman and an island full of lesbian Amazons). My plan is to mainly focus the story on the five younger members of the story, Super Boy and the versions of Wonder Girl, Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy that were active at this time. This means that Star Fire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy aren't getting solo stories at this point, which will probably annoy the Teen Titan TV show fans. As a fellow fan let me apologise, and I assure you they get a lot of coverage in the group scenes, and if you still dislike this you can go watch an episode of Teen Titan’s Go. Can I also use this opportunity to express my disgust at Teen Titan's Go, it is terrible and rapes the cool, fun, original show that it's based on (and I think a lot of Super Hero rape/sex). Now, when I planned this series out years ago, I originally didn't plan a standalone Kid Flash story, mainly because I had trouble thinking of a good pairing to go with him. I know fans of the Teen Titan TV show will probably request a Kid Flash story with Jinx, to them I say no. This is mainly because Kid Flash in Teen Titans and Young Justice is Wally West, while the Kid Flash in these stories is Bart Allen. In addition, in the comics Jinx is a bald, murderous crazy chick, and is completely different to Jinx from the TV show (who is probably a combination of Jinx and fellow villain Shimmer). I was also originally against a Kid Flash story with Artemis for the Young Justice fans, for the same reasons. Artemis in the comics was never associated with the Teen Titans ...