1. The story of Peaches and Sweetpea Part 3

    Date: 10/26/2019, Categories: Fiction Authoritarian, Death, Gay Job / Office Sex Masturbation / Toys Romance Teen Violence / Cruelty Author: Tapur Tupur, Source: sexstories.com

    Tanuj Rao :- After discharge, Sweetpea took me to his apartment. The Sinhas had a smaller apartment in an adjacent tower of the same complex, and it was decided that they will rent it to me. For the first time I felt secured in Mumbai. I had a job, I had a place to live, and now I could think of bringing Aai from Nagpur. But first I had to talk to Mr. & Mrs. Sinha, who had invited me for lunch. As I stepped into their apartment, I realised it's not an apartment, but a penthouse on the 36th floor. As I walked in, I realised that the room we had discussed our payment with Neil was in fact his office, a very heterodox one though. The door behind the single couch on which Neil sat the last time opened into a huge well furnished living space, which was huge enough to accommodate two like my Ajji-Ajoba's house. A balcony afforded the bird's eye view of the township and had luxurious seating arrangement. There was a bedroom, a common bathroom, a store room and a kitchen cum dining hall with a twenty seater dining table. A spiral fleet of stairs from the living hall lead to the upper floor, which had two bedrooms, a master bedroom, a prayer room and a study cum library. Another fleet of stares led to the terrace with garden. As I walked into the living hall after removing my shoes outside, I was greeted by the sight of Sweetpea's parents seated on a sofa. No wonder Neil got his aristocratic features from his parents. He had his mother's complexion, eyes and nose and his father's high cheek bones, brows and lips. Both were charming and had uncompromising personality. The fact that they were highly educated, successful, gentle and courteous reflected from their demeanour. While a very handsome Mr. Sinha was clad in grey three-piece business suit with a white shirt and a grey tie, Mrs. Sinha looked gorgeous in her yellow cotton saree, a white full-sleeved blouse and minimal jewelry. Mr. Sinha had thick mustache and wore spectacles. He was bigger than Neil and had a streak of grey hair against jet black, that complemented his yellow complexion. Mrs. Sinha was a tall woman with bronze complexion and long jet black hair combed and tied in a low bun. Her forehead bore a big red bindi and a pinch of vermilion on her parting. Her jewelry included a pair of conch shell bangles worn by Bengali married women, a Goddess pendant, a nose pin and gold ear studs. Neil's younger brother Neilesh was there as well. I felt nervous as I had never talked to the administrators of the society. I was scared like hell. Fortunate for me, Neil was by my side. He said "Meet my parents, Mr. Neiladri Sinha and Mrs. Damini Sinha." I joined my hands in a humble Namaste and bowed to them. But then it struck me. I looked at Sweetpea with curious eyes. Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Sinha sensed it and Mr. Sinha reciprocated my Namaste spoke "I am Mr.Neiladri Sinha." Mrs. Sinha was about to greet me, when Neil spoke "I am Mr. Neiladri Sinha too." Mr. Sinha said "But you are Neiladri Junior." Sweetpea ...