1. Creating My Hot Wife 6

    Date: 10/27/2019, Categories: True Stories Consensual Sex Group Sex massage, Romance Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Truthvstradition, Source: sexstories.com

    The Dirty Dance Floor I've been asked dozens of times by close friends, usually after a few drinks... "What is it really like being able to be with so many women?" Or... "How can you stand seeing Ash fuck so many men without wanting to kill them!?! First of all... There is a huge difference between the fantasy of having so many partners and the reality. Fantasies are great. They bring a special type of eroticism into your life. But in the reality of my experience with swinging sex, I've found it to be "cleaner," more wholesome, more normal feeling than I expected, definitely less complicated or volatile than traditional marriage sex and believe it or not... just plain easy fun and peaceful. I've heard a number of guys say sex at our club was even a bit disappointing after their first month or two because it all seemed too legal, too normal and lacking that intense secretive dark hot feeling they've enjoyed most of their lives dreaming about such sex. However... After those initial reactions, a surprisingly new deeper appreciation for free sex almost always comes to the forefront. It wasn't long before I found myself squarely in the middle of just that...the utter reality of true sexual freedom. This was a strange place for such a proponent of monogamy as I was, where having sex with someone other than your wife was approved and even encouraged by her, where there were literally no secrets between the two of you, where the two of you loved hearing about each other's sexual exploits, and where both of you were surrounded by men and women who simply loved playing around using their new found freedom too. Here's maybe the most important game changing thing we learned... Ash and I came to realize in sharing our eroticism together, it mattered little what or who the stimulus was for either of us. What mattered is that we enjoyed sharing the experiences, basking in the eroticism together, as much and often more than the actual events. That conclusion was common among the group of swingers we hung with and it seemed to bond us all together as people who understood and appreciated guilt free and jealousy free sex like the general public never would or could. Once you and your partner get to that place, you will have changed and no longer be able to look at the world the same way. You will see all the sexual games and manipulations going on around you at work, at social clubs and even at church. You will see how much sex permeates most everything we do whether we will admit it or not. Most of what you see will feel juvenile at best and corrupt at worst. That change in perspective is much like what you go through after attending a nude beach for an extended period of time, where you loose your body consciousness and you become less judgmental of body types. Ash and I felt that way after going to our nude beach. We saw so many older people, who were often pretty fat, kinda wrinkly, but emerged in our perspectives as beautiful, wonderfully tanned and clearly ...