1. The fountain of youth

    Date: 10/28/2019, Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex Straight Sex Romance Author: Justjon76, Source: sexstories.com

    The Fountain of Youth He turns the cup once more, the little tea that is left inside swills around and he watches as it slowly re-finds its stillness. The little spoon by the side of the saucer makes another darker spot on the tablecloth as one more drip of tea falls and the teapot gives out its last final blast of steam. Across the table lies an empty space where the person he is waiting for should be sitting, ‘late again’ thinks Adam the main person involved in this tale. He remembers the first time that he and the woman he is waiting for had come to this cafe for a cup of tea and coffee, and the spark that he had felt on that first meeting. The first meeting, when he had come to this arranged meeting place with little hope of finding true love but had left with that one first spark of what would finally come to pass. The back story From a very early age Adam Abeles knew that he was going to one day settle down and find a nice homely woman, just like his dad had told him he had done when he first found with his mother. Thirty five years his mother and father had lived happily together as husband and wife and they had kept a happy and full of love house for their only son Adam. Every day they would whisper sweet nothings to each other and love was ever part of everything they did. That was until the day that Adams father had passed away. After that his mother had vowed never to love another like the way she had loved Adams father and until her dying day she never had another love other than the love she had always had for her son. Though his father died when he was only seventeen, Adam had always still longed to have the same type of relationship with a woman that his parents had had. The odd occasional relationship had happened up until the age of twenty five but nothing that he could have ever seen lasting more than a couple of months. On a cloudy day at his local seaside promenade he was to meet a girl named Mandy. She would be meeting him close to the lighthouse and would be wearing a blue dress, he knew what she looked like from a picture that one of his girl friend’s had of her and was hoping that she was not going to turn out to be twenty years older than the twenty six she had said she was. While strolling down the promenade to the lighthouse Adam looked up at the strange purple and green sky, there seemed an alien feel to it as the edge of the cloud formation swirled and took funny peculiar shapes. It was a warm summer’s day and apart from the talk of a lunar eclipse there was nothing else different about the day than any other of the days before it, well apart from the strange clouds. He did not hear the faint footsteps of someone coming in the opposite direction until it was too late and the woman’s hand came out to steady herself as she realised herself that Adam was about to come crashing into her. The flash of light shone as bright as a million suns and just as hot, feelings of his body being catapulted through the air were the ...