1. Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 2

    Date: 10/29/2019, Categories: Diary , Voyeur / Exhibitionism Incest / Taboo Group Sex Teen Romance Author: Syzoth, Source: sexstories.com

    I had fallen in love with my cousin Samantha---or “Sami”, as I affectionately called her---from the moment I laid eyes on her. We met for the first time 3 days ago, at our family reunion in California. During our first day together, we had simply talked. By the second day, we were falling hard for each other and holding hands on the beach. By that evening, we were having sex. That was 2 long days ago. After that, we had planned to secretly meet in her tent every night, in the midst of the resort campgrounds, literally, surrounded on all sides by family. Sami and I both knew what we were doing was wrong, and that the potential to get caught was high. But we were helpless but to give into sinful needs of the flesh. Unfortunately, our desire to meet clandestinely at night didn’t go as planned. Our family reunion was in full swing, and there were constant activities, excursions, and other get-togethers that took up our time. Sami and I were together for the majority of it, and we would furtively cast a glance at each other, knowing how badly we wanted to be together. More than once, I had to resist the urge to reach out and touch her…to hold her…to kiss her. On the flip side, I was having a lot more fun on this family reunion than I had expected. I had never really known my extended family, and to meet a multitude of them, most of whom I never even knew existed, was actually an extremely wonderful feeling. It gave me a sense of belonging, like I was suddenly part of a greater whole. Because of Sami---perhaps even in spite of her---I felt an alien sense of familial fulfillment. My parents and I had arrived in California last Saturday. It was now Tuesday. We were scheduled to return home to the East Coast on Friday, which was why I was impatiently waiting to sneak away with Sami again. We both were acutely aware that our time together was running out, and wanted to make the most of it. We thought we’d be able to spend more time alone than we were able to, since there were so many family events to attend. We currently found ourselves in a small tour bus with our parents heading north for a daytime excursion in the mountains. My parents sat in the front seats next to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tabitha. Sami’s sister, Breanne, who was almost as beautiful as Sami, had elected not to join us. Too bad, I thought. Breanne, with all of her body piercings and tattoos and voluptuous figure, was food for the eyes. My cousin and I sat all the way in the back, 2 empty rows of seats separating us from our parents. As our they chatted extensively, Sami and I were lost in our own conversation. We sneakily held hands, careful to keep it hidden from view. Sometimes, we when our conversation waned, we would simply stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Our parents were completely oblivious. At one point, I was looking idly out of the window, when I felt Sami’s hand on my inner thigh. It sent a tingle through my body immediately. I looked at her and smiled, but my cousin ...