1. My First Mermaid

    Date: 10/30/2019, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Body modification, Consensual Sex Straight Sex First Time Monster, Romance Teen Author: AlleyRat, Source: sexstories.com

    I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Considering it was winter and I’d left the window open, I couldn’t really figure out why I was sweating. After a half hour of tossing and turning, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I threw on some clothes and hopped out my open window, climbing down the side of the house and heading for the tree line. In the darkness of the early morning, my shirt was soon lightly frozen to my chest and my breath was visible in the moonlight. I walked through the woods, using one trail that I knew went deep into the woods. The large natural reserve was closed, of course, but climbing the fence and walking around was one of my favorite past times. The moon was just reaching its peak, so it was somewhere around three am when I reached the waterfall pool. A large river that ran through the reserve was always clean and beautiful; nature had helped form a large bowl that kept a large, deep pool at the bottom of a short cliff, and the scenery was awesome. I traveled there pretty often in my walkabouts. When I reached the edge I noticed the gleaming beneath the surface, like a massive fish with silver scales. After a while, I noticed I could see clear to the bottom without even trying; the water was crystal clear, and I would have sworn it was glowing. Enraptured by the sight of the silver streak in the water and the beauty of the scene, I sat on a log by the shore and watched. The cold was soon forgotten, and the time too. I couldn’t take my eyes from the water. Soon enough, the streak turned toward the surface and breached… Something in my brain snapped. The silver streak was a woman, completely naked from the waist up. At the waist, her skin turned silvery and her legs became a long, thin marine tail with scales polished like glass. They reflected the moonlight as if she were covered in a million small mirrors. The silver light across her pale skin, combined with the light across her tail, made her look more like an angel than a mermaid. She fell, breaking the surface, and I was momentarily able to get my breath back. As if someone had flushed my brain down my throat, processing anything was impossible. My eyes were barely able to drink in the sight before me, let alone comprehend it. I waited, and watched. She breached on occasion, but only to flip in the cold air and to dive again a second later. I sat there for hours, ignoring the cold and the night and watching her dance under water. After sitting for so long, my eyelids drooped and I dozed off. The sound of water splashing woke me again. My mermaid had broken the surface to sit under the waterfall. It beat down on her head like a silver curtain of light as she ran hands through her hair. The waterfall was a long way across the pool, so I couldn’t clearly see her face; but something about her made me wonder if I’d seen her before. Part of me wished to ask her, desperately. The other wished she wouldn’t notice me, and would continue. Wishing didn’t go exactly as planned. ...