1. Gray Jedi Ch. 6

    Date: 10/31/2019, Categories: Science-Fiction , Fan fiction, Masturbation / Toys Romance Author: auguy86, Source: sexstories.com

    Gray Jedi Ch. 6 “That is my official designation. But as you well know, my friends call me Rex.” “Yes… Captain Rex of the 501st legion,” Malik replied. “The same, sir.” “Also the legion that slaughtered all our friends in the Jedi Temple,” Malik seethed, gripping his lightsaber tightly. “I had nothing to do with that,” Rex said calmly. “Is that so?! Then which Jedi did you turn on, huh?” Malik shot back, taking a step forward, the tip of his lightsaber precariously close to Rex’s face. “These betrayals happened all over the galaxy, Jedi being slaughtered by the clones they regarded as friends.” “I… I know…” Rex hung his head. “I cannot condone the actions of my brothers, sir. All I can say for sure is that I have never and will never betray my Jedi comrades. And I can prove it.” “How?” Serra asked, not relaxing for a moment. “Look.” Rex turned slowly to face away from the pair, keeping his hands up the whole time. “Here, where my neck meets my head.” “What is that?” Malik asked, noticing a scar on the skin. “That is where my inhibitor chip once was.” “Inhibitor chip?” Serra repeated. “It’s a tiny biochip implanted in every clone from birth,” Rex explained. “Its primary purpose is ensuring our absolute loyalty to the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.” “Palpatine,” Malik spat. “Correct. But beyond that, I made a terrifying discovery a few months ago. One of my men came to me bordering on insanity. He kept talking about a grand conspiracy to force us clones to commit a horrible atrocity, and that the cover-up went as high as the leaders of the Republic. He died before we could verify any of it, and Palpatine closed the matter straight away, but I continued to research his claims. Though I never confirmed the conspiracy itself, this led me to discover the existence of the inhibitor chips. Realizing that these chips could force us to commit the atrocity of which he spoke, I removed my own in secret.” “And those chips contained the program used to nearly wipe out the Jedi Order,” Malik finished. “Yes, sir,” Rex sighed. “I am only sorry that I could not gather enough evidence to convince any more of my brothers to follow my lead.” “How do we know we can trust you?” “You were always our best interrogator, sir. You could tell through the Force if any captives were lying. Am I?” Malik concentrated for a moment before replying, “No… no you’re not.” He and Serra put their weapons away. “Rex,” Serra said, “you were stationed on Mandalore with Ahsoka Tano, is that right?” “Yes, ma’am. When the clones received the call for Order 66, she became an immediate target. Thankfully, she was out on reconnaissance alone at the time, and I volunteered to track her down myself. I caught up to her and warned her of the incoming danger, but by then my battalion had followed and opened fire on her. But thanks to some quick thinking on her part, she made it appear that she had killed me before making her escape. This allowed me to fake my death; hell, ...