1. A Farm House Story: Part 2 of 4: Welcome and Unwelcome Guests

    Date: 11/1/2019, Categories: Fiction Cheating Consensual Sex Murder, Romance Author: 190proof190, Source: sexstories.com

    “When I’m here I like to hear the local new. Do you mind?” “Not a bit. I’m interested in finding out what’s going on too.” The weather forecaster said that it was a typical Fort Worth early September evening and sunset would be about 748. It was followed by the local news. The crackle of the radio continued, “This is our top local 630 news story. “Jacksboro prison officials report that some prisoners escaped from the state jail at Jacksboro today. Authorities believe they are on foot and are reminding motorists to not pick up any hitchhikers and to be on guard. They report three escapees. They may not be armed but they are on the run and should be considered dangerous. “In other news…” He was not listening further. From working together, she knew that he pursed his lips slightly when he became focused. But she had never seen him purse his lips as tightly as before now. His eyes had become very focused and his face had taken on a stern and hard look. She felt his tension. His movements suddenly became quick, jerky, and were no longer those of someone relaxed. Tentatively she asked, “Are we very close to the prison at Jacksboro?” “We’re closer than I like. Probably 15 or so as the crow flies miles between Jacksboro and Jermyn. From the prison probably 20 or 25. We are about 10 north of Jermyn. Someone on foot could probably make it in less than 16 hours if they go as the crow flies, know what they are doing, and are well prepared. The likelihood of someone familiar with the terrain completing that trip with no map or compass over that land on foot in 16 hours is small. For a stranger with no map or compass I think it is practically impossible in any amount of time. It will be a total accident for them to come here. We have a 308 deer rifle in the house. I want to get it out after we eat.” “Do you really think that’s necessary?” “I think it worthwhile to be cautious. And I think I’ll go call the sharecropper after dinner. “He has a better relationship with the prison officials than I do.” “I have to admit that this is all pretty exciting,” she said. “It doesn’t take much to go from a little exciting to downright terrifying.” With dinner finished they loaded the dishwasher. “I am going to call the sharecropper.” After hanging up after talking to the sharecropper he turned to her, “They escaped a little before 330. Neighbors on both sides of us have dogs. If anything is going on they should let us know. “Excuse me for a couple of minutes. I want to make sure the rifle is here and ready to use.” He returned after a few minutes with the 308. After checking the rifle to make sure it was unloaded he examined the cartridges to make sure he had gotten the correct box. One of his brothers had reloaded some spent casings. They were in a box on the same shelf as the box David had gotten. He looked at the cartridges. These were store fresh 150 grain hollow points. “Those will do it,” he reported. “What can you kill with those?” “These are capable of killing ...