1. wife shared with shy guy from the bar. Our first time

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    A little background on us................. For our 15 years of marriage J has tickled the good parts in my pants and mind. I have had a nagging fantasy of sharing her with a guy. She knows of my fantasy and tells me "you're nutz". J on the other hand has a need to help what she sees as socially limited guys. She tried all sorts of strategies over the years. J believes these guys basically need socializing help. The night I introduced her to Shy Stanley she had fun teasing him, then she got ideas! I now live with the knowledge I changed our marriage forever. She used her god given ass-ettes on him with my help. She sees guys hanging in the shadows of public places. Afraid to make contact with a female thinking the girl will not talk to him. It is sad to watch this happen for no reason other than his opinion of himself. My wife has always felt sorry for them. She often will smile or say hello when opportunity presents itself just to make his day. J wants to help in a meaningful way, being a guy I offer my thoughts on the matter. Those usually gets me in "trouble" in a fun way. I believe she took my suggestions to heart but never acted on them. J is not a slut or hotwife... yet. As I was saying my wife J has always had a soft spot for guys that are innocent and shy. Not the posers! The wallflower. The sad sack. The Introvert. The computer geek. The ________ fill in the blank. My favorite is the chess club geek. I just never knew her soft spot had a soft spot. J sees the shy, insecure guys asking for help, needing help, and wanting help. She has attempted to fix shy guys, making them her personal rehab projects.She wants to help. She tries to be close to her new project. J will be the girl next door to get him comfortable around her. I see the wallflowers horny thoughts often go directly to her boobs. Interesting times! Trying to show a guy he has as much chance as the next she will accompany him to a public place getting the social juices flowing. I have watched her teach a guy to interact in public. J tells him how to act, how and what to say, be clean, dress nicely and how to smile. The classes continue till she see "improvement". She will go to a coffee shop or other public place to role play a female alone. The SG (shy guy) approaches her with a smile to try one of the opening lines she teaches, his opening line and her friendship is guaranteed, making the guy feel a little more at ease. J smiles at him and begins the social banter. She uses leading answers to keep him open to the encounter. Her body language is large and easy to read. The shy one usually opens up to her as time passes. At times I got the feeling her project was wanting to do more than talk, her shapely MILF body is exciting. J plays the interested lady and will take the interaction to a level she believes he can handle, even a little touching? Sure thing! She teaches light touching of hands, arms,or lower back. Even upper leg touches are not unheard of if it seems appropriate. ...