1. Who Says you can’t go Home

    Date: 11/6/2019, Categories: Fiction Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Lesbian Straight Sex Group Sex Romance Author: T. Foxal, Source: sexstories.com

    Who Says you can’t go Home Part 1, 2 and 3 So this story is 3 parts, and is rather long. It has plenty of sex in it too. One thing that has always amazed me about this site is the amount of bondage and controlling of women you guys seem to like. I can’t write about that because I really don’t have a clue how that works. I mean Carol and I experimented with tying each other up and then teasing, but no hitting, or things like that. Oh, and the beastiality on here too. Sorry that is gross to Kim and myself. But I do thank all of you that follow my stories and give a thumbs up or comment. I think I have been getting better at writing. Chapter 1 I’m Jeff, 48, divorced, like so many people I know. I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town near Altoona. Both parents worked, and I had a brother who was only 15 months younger than me. We used to be close, but as time went on, we grew apart, once we made life decisions on work and where to live. He stayed back there and became a truck driver for one of the Coal company’s. I went on to college and got my BS in business, then later, my masters. When it came time for a job, I took one with an investment company located in New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan. I did quite well for myself too, with investing for various people and myself actually. Back, just before I went off to college, I used to date this one girl Jenny. We went to high school together and started dating in our junior year and stayed together throughout high school. We were both virgins when we started but in a month's time, we were very active sexually. My brother Jim was a year behind me in school and he was always dating different girls, until his junior year and settled on just one, Virginia, or Ginny. They too, were very active sexually too. I remember coming home from school on many occasions to hear them going at it in his bedroom. Of course, on many of those occasions, Jenny and I did the same. Both girls were loud and didn’t care if anyone heard us. Luckily, our house was outside of town and not many neighbors around. Also luckily, our parents worked almost an hour from home, so they never showed up until after 6 at night. Now Jenny was a looker too. She was 5’4, blond hair, blue eyes, 115 pounds then, and a great ass, but her breasts were on the smaller side, 34B. Ginny on the other hand, was 5’2, 130 pound, 36C, with a chunky, but nice ass, and shoulder length dark brown hair. I always found her attractive. She had one of those personalities that always made you feel like you knew her, her whole life and could engage in any conversation too. Jenny and Ginny became really close friends too. I remember one time, during the summer before I left for college, we were drinking a bit, since my parents went to Pittsburgh to visit some relatives and wouldn’t be home until the next day. We had a pool out back. Above ground style but with a big deck. We were swimming most of the day, then decided to grill some burgers. After we ate ...