1. Overwatch: Rise & Fall Ch.02

    Date: 11/7/2019, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Non-consensual sex Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing BDSM Straight Sex Fan fiction, Hardcore, Interracial Romance Trans Written by women Author: XtinaSmith, Source: sexstories.com

    Tracer slammed her back into the coarse rough texture of the recently settled rubble as a scattering of weapons fire thudded into her new, makeshift cover, throwing up little clouds of dust that swirled around her. She ducked her head down low, sheathing one of her pistols as she looked down at her spent Chrono Accelerator with mounting impatience, “Come on, come on come on!!” She bit her lip and knew she shouldn’t look over the rubble, defenceless as she was while her Accelerator went through its recharge cycle, but she was unable to help it. Poking her head up only for a second, she saw Winston, arms outstretched, using his armoured hulk of a body to shield a wounded Soldier 76 who lay clutching a bloodied arm that was being seen to by Mercy, who was looking over him with a worried quickness. A burst of gunfire from elsewhere drew her attention and with a yelp she ducked her head back down, panting hard, her chest rising and falling quickly in rhythm with her breaths. Across a bare open space in cover of their own, Tracer knew, Widowmaker and Reaper were laying down a curtain of cover fire to allow the hacker Sombra to work on whatever it was she was doing. “Tracer!!” Came a deep desperate growl amid a fresh burst of clinking gunfire and Tracer let out a loud desperate whine, bouncing her feet against the ground as she recognised the sound of ammo pinging off of Winston’s armour. She looked down, her feet still tapping with the need to move and act as she watched her equipment until, finally and with painful slowness, the blue holographics of her Accelerator expanded back into place, signifying the recharge cycle was complete and that she was raring to go. “Well, it’s about bloody time!” She glanced up over her shoulder again, taking in the scene for a half second, noting the positions of her friends and foes before finally, with a blink and a flash of blue, she set out headlong into the fray. “Tracer!” Came the shout again, more gleeful now as Winston recognised the zip of Tracer's movement, the massive ape still shielding Mercy as she saw to her patient's wounds. Catching Winston’s eye for a second Tracer giggled and flashed him a smile, offering a mock little salute which he returned with a grin, his morale bolstered for seeing her on the field and looking as happy-go-lucky as ever. Across the open space she spotted the three assailants bunched up defensively, two, Widowmaker and Reaper facing outwards laying down fire from their own rubble as the third, Sombra, worked on a panel she’d busted open, trails of purple light extending from it, a telltale sign of Sombra’s access. Tracer pursed her lips for a brief moment between blinks, figuring out the best next step, before heading straight into the hail of oncoming fire. She kept her gaze focused on reaper as she blinked closer and closer watching his aim and avoiding his shots, still aware of the covering fire coming her way from Widowmaker, but less concerned about it than she might ...