1. A New Day, The Other Me chapter 14

    Date: 11/9/2019, Categories: Fiction Death, Non-Erotic, Romance Violence / Cruelty Author: P.O.I., Source: sexstories.com

    Two days till graduation and I’m just writing my last letter, the most important one really. Some will understand, some won’t, their thoughts on the matter don’t. Matter that is. The letters are in Roberta’s hands now, she has her tasks and even though she doubts my reward she is ready to do my bidding regardless. Carlos: Months Earlier Things are actually going good with Abby and me and it’s kinda weird really since Guy did it all and hasn’t done shit to wreck it. He’s actually helped me out more than once and now he’s back at school and I’m just waiting to see what he’s going to want when he decides to call in the debt, my debt. Speak of the devil. “Hello Carlos, how are things today,” Guy greets me with a smile, a big fucking smile. “Good man, things good with you,” I ask and pray shit hasn’t turned and he’s just fucking with me. “Things are finally coming together and we’re going to settle your little debt this weekend,” Guy tells me still smiling,” and the good news is once you’re done we’ll be all squared and maybe even attempt to be friends.” “Really? You’re seriously going to just bury everything after I do whatever I gotta do to square up with you,” I ask and he shrugs a little. “Sure, why not,” he says it and adjusts his tie, he’s still wearing suits to school. I watch him walk away and got to think about this a little. Guy wants to settle everything this weekend and then we’re all good but what does he want from me? I can’t really focus on my classes as I think about what I am going to have to do to pay the debt. He’s been nice, too nice really so what does that mean. He’s going to want me to hurt someone in my crew? Nah he’s not wasting time with that. Money? No he has money. I’m stuck all the way into the Union tattoo shop and realize that the Old Man has been talking to me. “You gonna wake the fuck up and pay attention boy,” the Old Man asks laughing a little at me spacing out. “Sorry, got some news and I’m trying to get my head around it,” I tell the Old Man and he nods for me to continue,” Remember when I made that deal with Guy and now I’m dating his sister? Well time to pay has come due and I’m just wondering what it is he wants.” “He told you that you two are settling the debt but didn’t tell you what you had to do,” he asks and I shrug. “Well he said it’s going to be this weekend so I cleared things so I’d be free to,” I start and the Old Man stops me. “He’s setting you up,” he tells me very serious. “I know but he’s not one to do anything so extreme that I can’t walk away from it. Humiliate me, maybe but seriously hurt me or kill me? Nah, that ain’t Guy,” I explain but think for a moment. “He screwed with your boy Hector right? Knew things about him that he didn’t make public,” Jim asks and I nod a little,” And he’s been kicked around for years all the time watching and learning. Kid he’s going to come for blood, what happens when you get there and he takes too much?” “He won’t, I’ve talked with his sister,” Abby and I have ...