1. Hiking For Love (3) The Promise

    Date: 11/10/2019, Categories: Fantasy Straight Sex Romance Author: T. Foxal, Source: sexstories.com

    Hiking for Love (3) The Promise First off, I have to thank two of our audience. Mature Gina, and CountryCadillac. By far, you two have always been kind in what you write about my stories, and Kim’s stories. If we knew how to Private message you guys, we would. You both seem like our type of people. But we have no clue on how that is done. But if you do, please let us know so we could chat with you guys sometime. Adirondacks I also realize that there isn’t a lot of hard core sex scenes in this trilogy. This is something different from me. But you know, you can still convey the sex without all of the slamming and banging that most of the stories do here. Trust me, Kim and I read quite a few of these stories and are amazed at how they are voted for. But also, we usually end up having a very good evening of lovemaking and plain out and out fucking too. It’s also best to read the first two installments of this story. ********************************************************************************************** I asked, “Are you sure she isn’t your blood daughter? You two look so much alike.” “I wish she was. But No. Her parents were puerto rican, so the skin color is close. She shorter too, only 5’ 3.. She is an angel. You think Dad dotes over me? Wait till you see him around Jenny. I feel bad for Alan. He’s met Dad twice now and is scared shitless of him. But Daddy wants only the best for his girls.” “Yeah, well, I am wondering now what is he going to say about us being together. He still scares the shit out of me.” She laughed, “Oh I don’t knowwwwwwwwww. I’ll let you know after I tell him how you been having your way with me this whole week.” then laughed some more. She then opened my robe, grabbed my semi stiff member and stroke it. She giggled, the looked at him and stated, “MMMMMMMM, I wonder what he’d say if he knew I was doing this.”, as she lowered her head to my manhood and sucked the head in. “Oh God Carrie.” ****************************************************************************************** Chapter 1 The rest of that day, and into Monday, it did nothing but rain. So exploring any of the mountain tops was curtailed. We pretty much hung around the cabin in just our robes that day. The only time we dressed was to go to dinner, down into town. Neither of us felt like cooking. It was very hard for me to resist getting Carrie naked and just making love all day, but she needed to know that our relationship, that we both professed our love for each other, was more than just a physical thing, but also emotional. You see Carrie is a very beautiful woman. She is 5’ 7, 130 lbs, with caramel colored skin, almost like Halle Berry skin tone. Her hair is short now too, with blonde highlights mixed in with her brown hair. Totally sexy in my eyes. She has amazing legs that are long and toned and a great ass. What turns me on the most is her breasts. They are a large A, or small B cup. I love a woman with small breasts. I am 5’ 10, 175 lbs, and been ...