1. Meeting Amy

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    At 25 you could say I had worked hard and made a small little empire for myself, I owned 3 garages and a 5 bedroom house in London, work was good but left me no time for anything else, I even had a bed in the office for the late nights so I wouldn't need to drive home tired. I was working on my computer in the showroom one day when I heard a voice. "Hi, I was wondering if I could get someone to look at my car for me" Said a female voice. I looked up and saw a young female, maybe 19 years old, around 5 foot 2, she was beautiful, her white skin looked slightly tanned with brown hair and brown eyes, I didn't want to stare as she was a customer and I didn't want to look like an idiot. All the guys were busy with other customers vehicles so I said I could have a look for her, we got out to the car, it's was a small Renault Clio, I first introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Raj by the way" "Amy, nice to meet you Raj" Amy explained everything wrong with the car, I told her it would take around 2 hours to complete the work and she would need to leave the car with us, it couldn't be done today as we were extremely busy, I sensed this upset her slightly and she let me know she may have to try elsewhere as it was urgent work and she wouldn't have time to come back. Not wanting to let a customer down I set about doing the work myself, Amy asked if she could wait around while I was working on her car, I didn't have a problem with that, as all the guys were working in the garage it gets kind of lonely anyway, I appreciated having her to talk to. 2 hours flew past, the talk flowed between us and by the time I finished Amy's car it seemed like we had known each other for years, I took her into the office, she settled her bill and I thought right, I may never see her again as most customers come and go. The following day I was getting on with my normal work duties when I noticed Amy's car pull up outside, thinking something had gone wrong with my work I rushed outside to see if all was okay. "Hi Raj, hope your okay, I was in the area and thought I would pop in and spend some time with you, I really enjoyed our chat yesterday" "You are more then welcome to pass by any time you want Amy, I enjoyed your company very much as well" I replied. I invited Amy to a car show I was going to on the weekend, I was glad when she said she could make it, I was growing to like her and hope she felt the same, we exchanged numbers and she went home. I didn't see Amy till Saturday after that, but we stayed in contact on the phone, she was excited to meet me when she turned up at the shop around 5pm, as she was getting out of the car I noticed she was wearing a black strap top and a white mini skirt with small badge type patches on it, on looking closer they had various car manufactures on the patches, I thought that was nice for the event we were going to. When we reach the show and start looking around she grabs hold of my arm as we walk together, I feel good that we are getting closer, ...