1. A very erotic massage

    Date: 11/25/2019, Categories: Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Author: azara19, Source: xHamster

    My name is Jessica, I am a white girl in my late teens, and have long shapely legs, with blonde hair down to my waist, 34-24-34, and a cute little nose (or so I'm told).I recently took evening classes on aromatherapy massage at the local college, and got to make friends with the others on the course, especially an athletic muscular lad called Jake, who was a bit older than me. We hit it off the instant we met.On the very last lesson before the classes broke up for the mid term break, he approached me to ask me if I would consider letting him practice what he had learned on me at his place, so that he wouldn't forget anything that he had been taught, and to get better at it saying “Practice makes perfect”. As I really fancied and trusted him, I readily agreed, as long as he let me do the same to his body as well, to which he readily agreed.We arranged to meet at his house the following evening at 8pm. On entering his house, he guided me towards the lounge. In the middle was a massage table, the lights were all dimmed, and it was lovely and warm in there, with some quiet ethereal music drifting through the air, along with some lighted incense sticks giving the room a wonderful aroma.He gestured to me to make myself comfortable on the massage table, as he went into the kitchen to get two glasses of water. I stripped down to my undies, and climbed up onto the table, and lay down on my front.He returned, and said that he would unfasten my bra, so that it did not get all greasy, if that was ok with me, and started to warm up some oil between his hands, which he very gently applied to my back and shoulders, which was dreamy, he then went on to massage my arms and legs. By this time I was feeling very relaxed in his very capable hands as he very gradually increased the pressure on my body. Then without asking my permission he very gently eased my panties off over my bottom, and down my legs and placed them on the chair next to him.I let him do this without any complaint, because I felt sort of hypnotised and floaty, wanting more to happen. Next, he concentrated on my bottom, pummelling away at my ass cheeks, making me feel great. He then spread my legs apart slightly, so that he could get better access, and started to massage the insides of my thighs, then up and over my buttocks. To my slight embarrassment, I could feel my pussy getting very moist as he ran his hands up between my legs, just gently brushing my damp pussy bush with his fingers, making me sigh with pleasure as he increased his boldness, stroking his finger up and down my slit, making me squirm with delight as my pussy got wetter and wetter.“Right; time to do the other side now” he said as I rolled over on to my back. “You won't be needing you bra now will you” he said with authority, as he very swiftly removed it from my body, leaving me lying there completely naked, with glistening pubes.Next, he applied some oil to my breasts, making them shine in the light as he massaged it in, ...