1. Being Neighborly

    Date: 11/26/2019, Categories: Mature / Older Voyeur / Exhibitionism Incest / Taboo Author: Retrografx, Source: xHamster

    I left work early one day, and just wanted to go home to rest. Once I got home I noticed that my cute Korean neighbor, (I call her Hiccup, because I can’t seem to pronounce her name) had just got home we exchanged hellos and went about our business. I was watching TV when I saw her husband get into his delivery truck and left, since this was Tuesday I knew that he would be gone for the next day. But I didn’t think anything else of it.Now as neighbors we don’t talk to each other much, and when we do, it’s either just our hellos or maybe a couple of sentences and that’s all. What got me thinking dirty thoughts about her on this day, was remembering what my wife had talked to her about a few months ago. From what I heard our neighbors were not happy with each other, involving their c***d, and she told my wife she wanted to leave her husband. Now since then nothing has come about it, they are still together, though I have never seen them walk or even drive in the same car together.As I sit getting ready to stream a porn movie, I looked out the window to see Hiccup taking her garbage and recycle to the curb, now she is not hot by any means, though she has an average body and ok looking face, with small tits, and flat ass. She was wearing grey sweats and a white t-shirt, which didn’t look very appealing at all, as she bent down to set her recycle container down, she looked like she was doing squats, and it gave her ass a shape that I never seen of her in the 8 years we lived here. It looked divine, her ass looked near perfect, and when I notice her plumbers crack my dingy let out some precum.I sat there and thought of the ways to seduce her, and fantasize about her. As I was lost in my trance, there was a knock at the door. Not thinking anything, I open the door to see her standing there, my mind went blank, and could only say "hi". In her broken English she said “ Shayson you help me with my water, it have no heat” so I told her I would and walked with her to check her water heater. As we got to her garage I notice right away that her pilot light was out. I got it going again and asked her to check her water to be sure. She came back and said “it good thank you” and I went home.Suddenly I thought of a way to seduce her, I remembered about a flier that was sent to all the homes in the area about a Tick warning. I also thought about a post I saw on Facebook, where someone would come to your home and tell you that ticks are in the area, and that they need to check everyone in the area. It turned out to be fake, used as a way to get the victim naked.I searched the net for flyers on ticks, until I saw one that would be perfect. So I printed the flyer and a picture guide on the subject, and with my stomach tied up in knots thinking of the trouble I could get in. at this point I didn’t care, my little head was pushing me to the breaking point I needed pussy and needed it soon.I knocked on her door and waited a little bit. Soon she opened the door. It took me ...