1. My own Married white cumslut. Part 1.

    Date: 12/1/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Interracial Incest / Taboo Author: Ready4it2011, Source: xHamster

    Meet at Portmouth stationMy first time writing.If anything, I hope you like it.This it's not just an event that happen, but it was with someone really special to me.It's 5am, awoken by my alarm. I went for a shower, brush my teeth, shaved, creamed myself, with baby oil - helps my skin and keep it shinning. Got dressed and ready, looking at the mirror once more " Oh shit i forgot to brush my hair, and my goat beard!" I thought.By now it's 5.45am, and I am ready to go, my bus to London it's 6.30am. I thought about calling a taxi, like I normally do, but this time I decided to walk. Sent her a text that I am on my way, knowing that, she would only read it in 2 hours time.An hour and half as passed, since I've been in the bus, when a message came through " Heeeeyyy baby. Good morning. How are you?"I replied " Good morning baby. I am good, as always."Because we don't call each other, our name's, instead it's " Magic Sloth and The Prophet ".Magic Sloth " I am looking forwards to see you. "Me " I know. Me too. Don't forget what I've asked, and what to wear!"Magic Sloth " No, I won't forget baby.I arrived in London, now I had to catch the train to Portmouth, in order to arrive there before half ten, in the morning.The train stops in Woking, when my phone wrang, we spoke, for the duration of most of the trip, before the call ended. Because of the delays I arrived in Portmouth 10.32am, went down the stairs, coming out of the gates, I saw her, sat on one of the benches, on her jeans and a long black jacket, with her eyes on the phone. I went around her, touching her shoulder. She turned, saw me, run around and hugged and kissed me.I asked, have you done, what I told you too?You can check - she replied.With one hand, I unbuttoned and got my hand inside her jeans. Initially to check if she had done what I've asked - to come with no knickers - but then, I've realized it was the perfect opportunity to finger fuck her in a public place, with people and camera around, which I did. I exposed her pussy to my eyes, by unzipping her jeans and pulling it slightly down, then told her to open her mouth, that when I got my forefinger and left middle finger into her mouth, telling her to suck it. With no hesitation, she did it, then I took the fingers from her mouth, strait to her open pussy. Standing in the back of the bench, I told her to line back to it, holding on to me, and open her legs a bit more, which she did. I run my finger back and forwards, in her pussy, in such stent, that she lost it, grabbed my hands, pulling my finger in and out. I looked around, to see if we had been spotted, but no one seems to have notice anything, and this is Portmouth train station between 10.40 and 10.55. She was so horny, that her mind wasn't even there anymore, moving back and forwards, like there were no one else in site. She was fucking herself holding on to my hand, with my fingers inside her cunt. She did cum soon after, that's when I pulled my hand, and gave her my fingers to ...