1. My Dad’s close friend

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: dinapetro, Source: xHamster

    By Dina PetroMy name is Lana, I was eighteen years old when the events of this story happened, being a real good looking girl, with a sexy body that looked curvy, sexy and very attractive, even though I was still young.I lived with my parents, my brother and sister in our family house, we had a nice, open minded family relations, very spacy freedom levels from our parents somehow, we girls dress freely at home and move freely as well, even in front of the family guests, my father’s friends and others.My whole family went on a trip for a few days, but I could not go with them for some commitments at college with some exams, I had to stay home alone, on my free time during my parents absence, I would go out with some friends party or have fun, but sometimes I would stay home all alone, try to entertain myself to the best I could.I happen to be a sex loving girl at that age, had many sexual encounters with my BF and some other friends as well; being bisexual, I had some of my female friends stay over some times for fun and games.I was all alone one evening, finished all my school work, I was watching a porn movie, which was kind of heating my body up when I received a phone call, it showed on the mobile screen the caller as Jim, my father’s close friend, who was Dad’s age.I answered the phone and he sounded worried about my father saying “I have been trying to call your dad for a while, no answer, or sometimes it tells me out of reach, what is going on Lana, is he OK?” Dad seems to have forgotten to tell him he was traveling.I smiled saying “He is OK Uncle Jim; he is on a trip with mom and the rest of the family”He swore at him, laughing and saying “That Son of a bitch, he did not tell me, got me worried about him there, why aren’t you with them Lana?”I said “I wish, but I had to be at college during this time”He asked “Are you OK honey all alone in the house, do you need any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask, you know, I have all the free time in the world, and I love you so much “I smiled, thanked him by saying “thank you Uncle Jim, I am sure of that of course, well, if you would stop by for a drink to keep me company for a little while, I have nothing to do if you are free?”He said “yes of course honey, I will be there shortly”Once Uncle Jim hung up, I had the naughtiest ideas any girl could ever think of, remembering how Uncle Jim’s eyes would look at me while visiting my father, especially when I was in short shorts or tight, short skirts, his eyes would be browsing my whole body, his staring was noticeable for me.I thought to myself “well, I am all alone, very horny and I am for some good, naughty games with Uncle Jim, I hope he is up to it, I am sure he would love it, I changed my clothes, put on a real naughty, slutty blue nightie that was made of light satin material, not transparent, but so little and very much revealing.The nightie was very short, showing most of my thighs, it was topless, only suspended by two strapping ...