1. I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 03

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Trans Author: byAb9095, Source: Literotica

    Part 3 - Day 2 Damn I had enjoyed her last night. She was cute, hot, and she really got into it. I had already planned out tonight. Before she left she had begged to see me again. I love that!! So I decided to push her limits a little more. I told her to show up at the Hilton already dressed. She has to walk through the lobby, to the elevator, and to my room. She agreed. I instructed her to go to Victoria's Secret and that I would pay for whatever she picked out. She could also get a new wig or whatever she needed. She could spend whatever she wanted but that if she doesn't look like an ABSOLUTE SLUT I won't open the door. She was quiet and then said "yes daddy". Man I was semi-hard all day. I changed my room to one overlooking the parking garage. One where people parking would have a view of our windows. About 100 feet away at most. She showed up at 9:00. I opened the door and she was stunning. The shortest red dress I've ever seen. I had her turn around and it showed half her ass. You could not miss her panties and ass cheeks showing. She has on white victorina bikini panties. Look them up. Just Damn! White garter. Really sexy patterned white thigh highs. She had 5" red fuck me pumps. I'm swelling and I'm not even done looking!! She turns back around. She has her makeup perfect again. She added big hoop earrings. She has on a long black wig with bangs that goes perfect with the little red dress. She actually painted her nails and her toenails!! Bright fucking red! And she is wearing a red collar that says SLUT! Fuck me I'm impressed. I tell her she is stunning and I get a great big smile. She's still standing in the hall. I see a man come walking our way. She sees him too and looks at me. I smile. That's just too good. I ask her did you walk up here like that? "Yes" Did men look at you? "Everyone looked at me." Did you like it? "Oh god I was so nervous but I loved it!!" The man is 20 feet away. I get closer to her, put my arms around her, pull her dress up in the back showing her entire ass, and grab it with one hand while I kiss her hard. She moans hard. Actually wraps one leg around me as she's shoving her tongue down my throat!! I fucking love it!! I stop the kiss and tell her to look at the man and smile at him. He's actually stopped and is staring. She smiles at him. And she got a huge smile back :). Then I let her in the room. Man I can't quit looking at her and I tell so. I take her to the mirror. Man she's hot. She's giving me a show, front, back, bending over a bit when she said "I have a surprise for you daddy. I bought it today and I hope you like it." She hands me a little key. I look at her, she pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties, and shows me her gorgeous cock locked in a cock cage!! OH HELL YES!! She sees my huge smile and kisses me. Dress still up, panties still pulled down and she just crawls all over me. THIS is what a little slut does guys and girls!! Without being told :) I pull her panties back up and hand her a ...