1. A Femme Domme Tale Ch. 06

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: bymelanieatplay, Source: Literotica

    ... loved toying with him, teasing him, regarding his fantasy of me being with other men. "You know no other man has gone down on me since we got together, don't you?" His erection was now straining against the tight confines of his Dockers. "Yes Ma'am, I know." "I've been a chaste little wife for you, haven't I?" "Yes, Ma'am, you have." "But you don't want that... do you?" "No, Ma'am... I don't." "Tell me what you think about... what you fantasize about," I said huskily. His breathing was rapid and just a bit shallow and I could see the wheels turning. I waited semi-patiently for him to give voice to the erotic fantasies that were floating around in his head. "I think of watching while another man goes down on you." His eyes closed. "I think of you dating other men and them fucking you... sometimes you tell me about them, other times you don't." I reached over and slowly began to rub his erection through his trousers. "You have a very slutty wife in your fantasies, don't you?" "Yes, Ma'am, I do." I began to rub him harder. I loved that we were able to communicate so well and he didn't hold anything back from me. I still wasn't ready to make this fantasy of his a reality. He'd watched so many different things at the BDSM sites he'd viewed and I still worried about how some of them, like me being with other men, would affect our marriage. It was one thing to read testimonials and view pictures about what other couples did, but another entirely to experience them in our own marriage. Still, I loved hearing his fantasies and allowing him to give voice to them. "Tell me more." His eyes were still closed and I knew that in his mind, I was already with another man. "You have about a half dozen lovers and I never know which one you are in the mood for. Some are old, some are young, and they're from different races." I could feel the heat and moisture begin to build between my legs. "Do you have one you think about the most?" He was moaning softly while I continued to rub his erection through his pants. "Yes, Ma'am." "Tell me about him." "His name is Dirk and he's one of my students." This new revelation shocked me a little. I'd assumed he fantasized about nameless, faceless men fucking me, but this was someone he actually knew. Regardless, I continued to play along. "Tell me about Dirk." "He's a junior on the football team." I slowly unzipped his fly while he spoke. "I've overheard him talking about the size of his cock." I reached into his trousers and pulled his blood engorged member from his pants. "He brags about the way he's fucked some of the coeds on campus and how they can't get enough of him." I slowly started to stroke him. "And you think about me with this young stud?" "Yes, Ma'am." A large dollop of pre-cum had formed on his head while I continued to rub him. "What do I do with him, Chris?" "You get a hotel room with him, he spends hours between your legs." He let out a low, guttural moan as I picked up the pace with my hand. "He fucks you over ...