1. A Femme Domme Tale Ch. 06

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: bymelanieatplay, Source: Literotica

    ... and over and you can't get enough of him." "Do I make him wear a condom?" His breathing was so heavy and he was talking so softly, I could barely hear him. "No, you tell me his cock is too perfect to ruin by making him wrap up, you want him bare." My pussy felt like a warm, wet swamp and I knew I'd soaked my thong all way through. "So I let him cum inside me?" "Yes, Ma'am... every time you're with him." "And I'm with him often?" "A couple times a week, Ma'am... you can't get enough of him." He was close now and I backed off to settle him down a bit. "Do I bring him here... to our home?" His eyes opened and I witnessed the shocked look on his face. "Would you want that, Greta?" I played along, adding to his fantasy. "What if I wanted him in our marital bed?" He wasn't expecting this little twist, but I could tell he loved it. "Would you... Ummm... let me watch, Ma'am?" I tightened my grip on his penis while I stroked. "No... not at first. I'd restrain you to our guest bed, leave the doors open, and make you listen to him tear me up all night..." "Oh God... God." He was close to release again and I let his cock slip from my hand. "Go to our bedroom, take off your clothes, and wait for me." "Yes, Ma'am," he said before jumping off the couch and running into our bedroom. I spent the next two hours riding his face before we made love three times, something we hadn't done since college. I was still very leery about being with another man. However, I realized how powerful this fantasy was for Chris and how much he wanted it. We'd opened Pandora's Box and even though I wasn't ready to make it a reality, it took our lovemaking to a higher plane and created an intensity that wasn't previously there. I was beginning to understand just how much he desired to be cuckolded, but I didn't know if our marriage could bear the cost if I let it happen. - - - - - "I guess I have mixed feelings about it." I took another sip of water while attempting to catch my breath. Liz and I had just finished an hour-long online spin class and both of us were dripping with sweat. Thankfully, we were the only ones in the gym at the Bellagio which allowed us to talk freely. I'd just told her about my weekend plans with Edith and she didn't sound very enthused. "Do you need the money, is that why you're doing it... if so, I have a little money saved and I could-" I interrupted her. "No honey, we don't need the money, it's not about that." Her eyes were searching... questioning... "Why are you doing this then, Greta?" I couldn't lie, a little extra money would be nice, especially with Chris not working. Additionally, we'd talked about starting a vacation fund so we could go back to Mexico and fifteen hundred dollars would go a long way towards that end. But joining Edith in a session had very little to do with money. "How did you feel when you were dominating Chris?" I could see the wheels turning while her mind played back the torrid events of last Friday night. "I felt... powerful, ...