1. A Necessary Cuckolding - Part I

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Cuckold Author: angieseroticpen, Source: LushStories

    Dawn returned to the lounge and sat back down next to her husband Alan after placing her mobile phone down on the coffee table in front of them. He could sense her tension. “That was Bradley,” she said quietly. “He wants to take me out lunch tomorrow.” He didn’t respond as he turned back to the television screen. Bradley was his boss. Dawn stayed silent as well as she reflected on events a few days earlier. It was the first time she had met Bradley. He was the new Director of Operations of Alan’s company having only been ushered in two weeks before following the American buy-out of Alan’s former employers. It had all been such a mess. The former owners had expanded too quickly taking over another company in the hope of gaining a bigger market share, but publishing was such a fickle business, and the market was still quite volatile. He couldn’t really criticize their reckless too much because his own publishing business went bust only eighteen months earlier. Alan had had such high hopes six months earlier when he had been appointed marketing director. They had only just managed to survive a year of unemployment. If it hadn’t had been for Dawn’s supply teaching job, they would have lost their home and probably their marriage in the process. There had been very dark days in that period, and now the threat of their return loomed once again. Bradley had called a meeting of headquarters staff and senior managers from their other locations. It was supposed to be an informal get together at the hotel he was staying at to introduce the new outside management team and give an outline of their plans for the future, but they all knew that there would be redundancies. His speech had been brief and to the point, giving very little away about future staffing plans but he did say that new capital would be available to keep the business going and to move forward. Dawn had been impressed with him. Bradley was articulate and obviously knew his job; of course, he did have an MBA so he should know it anyway. She also liked him because he was an African American. Dawn had dark fantasies about men like him she found him incredibly handsome and also what she would describe as ‘fit’. She noticed too the wedding ring on his finger as well as the fact that there was a sparkle in his eyes when talking to women while doing his rounds of speaking to everyone present. For some reason, she had been the last one to meet him and shake his hand. His grip was firm and strong, and his eyes sparkled as he looked at her. “Bradley,” he told her as he held on to her hand for perhaps a moment longer than necessary. “Dawn. Dawn Price,” she responded. “Alan’s wife.” “Ah yes. Our marketing director,” he responded. There were a few moments of small talk and then she spoke out directly. “There will be cut-backs then?” she asked catching him slightly off-guard. “Well... yes there will be some streamlining. It’s inevitable I’m afraid.” “Will that be on a last in first out basis?” He smiled ...