1. Fun Story Time for 36DDDchick - Part 1

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Fetish Author: BuckeyesAreLifeMKE, Source: xHamster

    ... before. She grabs both my hands and makes me forcefully feel her massive tits. I have never felt anything as amazing as what I am feeling now. I have only been with girls with Bs, these have to be a D or bigger. They barely fit in my hand and I can feel her tits about to poke through her bra. I think it is a lace bra or lingerie that is trying to keep her tits held up and out for a show. I let out a subtle but noticeable moan as I feel and grope both large tits in my hands.She must enjoy teasing me. I slide my hands back down and lift up her tight fitting dress. My hand slips under and I feel her lace thong underneath. I grip her ass. It is toned and big. Almost reminds me of a PAWG ass. I love the smooth skin with the small lace on it. She pushes a hand back and grabs my cock in my pants, she starts stroking my cock as i can feel cum wanting to explode out. She then unzips my zipper, reaches in and grabs my bare throbbing cock. A little cum oozes out once again, but now down my shaft and onto her hand. She pulls my cock out and pushes it into her lace thong, then takes out her hand, licks it clean, puts her skirt down and starts twerking her ass and lace on my bare cock on the dance floor. My hips are on her hips and I love the experience as her naked skin grinds on my throbbing cock.