1. Will You Submit To Us?

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byndeavour, Source: Literotica

    "Are you truly willing to submit to anything? If so, keep reading." Molly stopped reading at that point as she felt a gush of liquid warmth between her legs. Her cunt was gushing as she re-read the header of the internet ad. She fantasized endlessly about submitting, about giving up control of her body to another, but had never dared to try it. Maybe it was time. It was at least time to continue reading. "Now that you have decided to look further, we must first applaud your courage. Not everyone will even think about giving up control of their life โ€“ or at least their body and its urges โ€“ but you are. Thinking about it. Thinking hard about it, we bet!" The words were innocent, but then how come Molly's nipples were hard and aching? Already naked, she took her right hand and began to caress her left breast. At 38DD, it was more than just a handful, and the soft flesh seemed electric as she rubbed it. Grabbing her nipple, she rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, gasping as the pressure and pain sent shocks to her pussy. "We are looking for a submissive woman. For one night โ€“ and maybe for more. That will depend on you, of course. You will join us for an evening. We will see that you are completely prepared, and then you will be used. Bound, helpless and used. Over and over. No pain will be applied. Just restraints. You will have no say โ€“ you will be ours to use." Her left hand now grabbed at the distended nipple of her other boob and squeezed. Hard. She gasped at the jolt of electricity that seemed to run from her hands to her tits to her cunt. Without even touching her pussy or her clit she came! As the shocks of her body clenching and unclenching resolved into a blissful aura, she knew she had to respond. She took another look at the ad. "Stand before a mirror, naked. Display all your assets and take pictures. Send them to adultgames@dom.com and we will consider your offer to serve." Before she could stop herself, Molly stood up and went to her full-length mirror with her phone. Spreading her legs slightly, her pussy was visible and her big boobs hung on her chest. They didn't droop but were low slung globes of pale flesh, crowned by dark areolae and her large, prominent nipples. She tossed her head and that bared one shoulder. With her mouth slightly open, she began to take pictures. She held one boob, then the other. She lay them both on an arm and lifted them. She spread the lips of her pussy with one hand and snapped pictures with the other. Molly was no skinny thing. Her thighs were thick. Her waist was wide. She had a layer of flesh on her like a mature woman. While she might normally have been self-conscious (like at the beach), for the moment she didn't care. She was going to be shameless and available, so every inch needed to be shown. She turned around and leaned forward, pushing her rounded ass towards the mirror and taking pictures over her shoulder. She parted her ass cheeks and displayed the rosebud of her hole. Her pussy ...