1. Flashing Bikers

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Fetish Author: ncisuk, Source: xHamster

    I am an exhibitionist; it's official! I just love men (and women for that matter) looking at my naked body. Any chance I get I will let people see me naked and sometimes I will let them see me do more than just flash! My name is Dee. I am 27, 5 ft 4, have short red (not ginger) hair, green eyes and trim figure with nice 36D’s. I have been told on many occasions how much blokes fancy me and I think that is part of the reason I like them to see the whole package.I’ve lived in Brighton for the last four summers. It has become a very exciting time for me because I enjoy to have men and women see me naked and I have had many opportunities for this in Brighton. I drove to the naturist beach one Friday morning and it was very nice being not as crowded as at the weekend. After I stripped off I got the usual attention from the men on the beach. I was just at the base of the pebbly mound using the slope to lie at an angle. I am terrible as I let my lets inadvertently swing open from time to ‘air’ myself. This does attract many eyes but I am used to it now and don’t actually mind provided they don’t block my sun or try talking to me. After about five minutes I put on my sun cream which again gets me lots of attention. It was very hot and my complexion means that I have to come out of the sun after about 30 minutes so I got up and covered my naked body with my beach towel. I put my clothes in my little bag and walked across the pebbly beach towards the little railway station naked but for my towel.I was feeling naughty and ever so excited at the idea of being caught walking outside in a busy public place only wearing a short towel around myself. I walked past lots of men and was enjoying knowing I was so close and almost exposed. I queued up at the busy ice cream van near the Volks station to get a cooling ice cream. It excited me to know that I am standing so close to so many people and that I was completely naked under my towel. The wind picked up occasionally, lifting the corner of my towel causing a nice cooling feeling between my legs. I sometimes needed to hold my towel down as not to reveal too much to the world in such a busy place. I purchased my tub of strawberry ice cream and started to walk to my car in ASDA’s car park. However, I had a problem, I had my little bag in one hand and my ice cream tub in the other.As the wind lifted my towel, I was not able to prevent my pubes coming into view. I walked past a few men and women and my trimmed pubes were clearly seen as the wind lifted my towel. I enjoyed this so much. I almost wanted to do more and I had that familiar tingling feeling and I felt a warm dampness on my inner thighs. Many of the passers by smiled at me as I past them with my towel flapping. It was nice to know I was giving a good show to them. I stopped outside the car wash to eye up the hunks cleaning cars but they were too busy to give me much attention. As I neared my car parked under the ramp I saw two men on motorcycles sitting ...