1. Good Neighbors - Chapter 3

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Author: jamesmasters40, Source: xHamster

    Todd's life was looking up. His home business was growing rapidly and he was considering hiring someone to help out. He was screwing Meg on the average of twice a week. He was still doing odd job handyman work for her and for Julie and Zach in his spare time. Zach was on crutches now and doing better every week. He and Zach still held out hope that Julie would agree to a threesome sometime soon, but Todd was patient since he had Meg in his life. He was getting better acquainted with some of the neighbors with Julie's and Meg's help, but hadn't gotten pulled in to any more handyman work in the past few weeks.It was Tuesday night and he had arranged with Meg to come over and finish a couple of small jobs for her that he had started over the weekend. He assumed that he would get another great fuck out of her as usual after completing his tasks. He arrived about 7 pm only to find Meg feeling pretty low and not interested in him or anything else. He was also going to see if she had any interest in coming to work for him."Meg, what's bothering you this evening? You aren't acting like yourself. Is everything okay?""No, it's not," she said and began crying, not able to hold it in any longer. "My boss said the company is being sold and that most of the jobs will be eliminated by the end of the month. It took me forever to get this one. I don't know what I am going to do. I will definitely lose the house now if I can't sell it in time. And I don't have the savings to last that long." Meg was nearly inconsolable.Todd sat next to her on the sofa and put his arm around her shoulder. He was getting ready to tell her about his idea but she started talking again before he could utter his first words. "Todd, I don't feel up to our usual routine this evening. You don't have to do any work tonight if you don't want to. I understand and we had a deal. I just can't do it tonight."Todd put his hand over her mouth and asked her to be quiet for a moment."Listen, I came over tonight because I wanted to see you, sex or no sex, and I wanted to finished what I started. But I think tonight we need to talk about an idea I have been mulling around in my mind for the past couple of weeks. My business has been growing quite a bit lately and I need some help. I would like to know if you would come to work for me." He proceeded to tell her what he could pay by the hour and the general nature of what she would be doing. She could not believe what was happening. Nothing had ever worked out so well for her before."Todd, your hourly rate is almost 50% more than what I am making now! Are you sure you can afford that? I mean, I am not turning you down - hell no - I am taking you up on your offer! But I don't want you to figure out later that you can't afford that and have it all go south on both of us."Todd put her mind at ease. "I have done the math very carefully several times and it is actually a no-brainer for me to hire you at the rate I just mentioned. I will be able to take on ...