1. “Sports Injury”

    Date: 12/2/2019, Categories: Fiction Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Teen Author: islandic, Source: sexstories.com

    “Sports Injury” ~ A Father and Daughter find out that they mean more to each other. ~ Luke – Sports Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach. Jenny – Daughter in last year of HS. Sports Scholarship for Uni next year. Katrina – Kat - BFF of Jenny since preschool and future roomie at Uni. ~ Luke is a single father looking after Jenny alone now, since his wife Carolina, a sports masseurs at the state college football club, was found to be giving her customers a “Happy Ending” with each massage. The divorce was ugly with yelling and screaming on both sides. Finally the Judge deciding that Carolina was an unfit mother and giving sole custody to Luke. Jenny was so shocked at the betrayal of her mother, she has not spoken to her since. Jenny and her Dad get along better now that the divorce has finalized and have settled into an open and loving role where Dad works from home and Jenny helps around the house as much as her school and sport activities will allow. She feels sad for her Dad and often sees him sitting quietly by himself, his mind off somewhere else. She made a decision that she would make him as happy as she can and be there for him when he needs her. Luke works from home out of his own custom gym where he holds group classes in Gymnastics, strength training and personalized fitness programs for individuals that can afford him. It was his college football coach that suggested that he should start his own Gym and become a personal fitness coach and business has been so good that he now works sometimes 7 days a week. At 6'2”, he has always been fit and reasonably good looking and with workouts and the training of customers he has maintained a trim physique. He employs three casual staff that are called upon as the work becomes available. The Gym is isolated from the main house and sits behind the triple garage of the house and is twice as big as the house with its own parking area. It has a sauna/steam room, massage table, change rooms and a shower block with plunge pool and of course a fully equipped Gym and exercise area. Jenny, his daughter, and her friend Katrina or Kat, as she prefers, would make good use of the Gym and steam room as often as it was available after all of the customers were through with it and then they would help clean up the steam room and shower block when they were finished. Gathering all the used towels and turning off the steam. Luke had caught the two of them in the sauna often, leaning back on the raised benches naked, the beads of sweat running down their young fit bodies, just enjoying each others company. Being seen in the buff was nothing unusual for this close family but Kat always squealed to Luke's delight and hurried to cover herself. But she was coming along and wasn't in such a hurry to duck under a towel as she was. He couldn't help but notice that both girls had a neatly shaved their pubic area leaving a short landing strip above a bald pussy. Life moved on and soon they found that High school was nearly ...