1. TMB Chapter 2 Cindy and Her Family

    Date: 12/3/2019, Categories: Diary , Voyeur / Exhibitionism Incest / Taboo Water Sports / Pissing, Author: tigerjoe2018, Source: sexstories.com

    This is an spin off of the characters introduced in Chapter 1. Chapter 3 will return to the main characters. Recap: As you recall, when Cindy left for home she was naked and wanted to fuck here brother, Robby after she met and then fucked her dad, Bob at the strip club. Here is the rest of her story. While I was driving home I replayed the events in my mind that happen today. Just thinking about the flashing and sex at the mall, Robby catching me, dancing and being finger fucked on the stage with all of those guys watching started to get me worked up. Now here I am driving home naked and was going to be walking in to the house naked, where any of my neighbors could see me. Not to mention that once I got home I am going to fuck Robby. All of these thoughts has my pussy on fire. I need to him to fuck me. There was a car in front of me and turned on to our street. I hoped is was not one of our neighbors as I needed to get in to the house. It pulled in to my driveway, then I saw it was Robby. I was relieved and excited at the same time. He was just getting out of the car as I pulled up and parked in the street. He was waiting for me. I quickly got out of the car naked and ran over to him. His mouth dropped open when he saw I was naked and asked what I was doing. I put my finger over my mouth in a motion to keep him quite. I pulled him up to the front of his car and kissed him. Then asked if he wanted to fool around. He said what about dad. I told him the lights are out he must be asleep. Robby then said, lets go in. I stopped him and shook my head and and said no, here. I bent down and pulled his short and underwear down. He had a pair of flip-flops on so I grabbed his leg, lifted it up and pulled off his shorts. I did the same with his other leg and then stood up and reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was now as naked as I was. I kissed him again and with a grin om my face I knelt down. His cock was already hard. I reached out and grabbed it and and just swallowed it in a single gulp. I started to bob up and down and massaged his balls with my hand. It was only a few seconds till he started to cum down my throat. I looked up at him while he was cumming. I suck on it a few more seconds and then pulled it out and smiled at him. His cock was still hard. I stood up and kissed him again, sharing his cum with him. I moved my head to the side of his and said eat me and I bent over and leaned over the hood of his car. He got behind and and started licking my pussy. It felt great and knowing that he was tasting dads cum made it even hotter. My pussy was burning up. I stopped him after a few minutes. I turned around and pulled him up and then bent over quickly and sucked his dick a few more times. I leaned into him again and whispered to him “fuck me” and he smiled. I turned around and resumed my position on the car hood. He got behind me and sank his cock in me completely. I moaned out loud. He started pounding my pussy. He was grunting ...