1. My Daughter and Me

    Date: 9/9/2017, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bymonicaelwes, Source: Literotica

    I can't say it was nice feeling. The emotional stimulation was not really welcome, in fact it was a little disturbing. I hadn't encouraged or promoted what I was feeling, but I felt almost powerless to resist it or to keep it out of my mind. In fact, over the past few months it came into my mind more frequently, without warning and had become more difficult to push out. It seemed that hardly an hour went by even when I was working or in meetings or having sex with my husband or a lover that I didn't think about it. And of course, when I masturbated, as I was doing more frequently as my marriage went tits up, it was there. Well it was not just there it was the focus, the main feature and the reason I had sex with myself. Yes, as I writhed on my marital bed naked, my hands between my thighs that were closed tightly round my wrist, it was my daughter who was in my mind, my daughter who was holding me, my daughter who was kissing me and my daughter who was about to fuck me. * Forty is a difficult age for a woman. But then I guess so it is for a man, just as I suppose thirty and fifty are for both sexes. I found it particularly traumatic and made the mistake of marrying again just on three years ago. The problem with that was it was for the wrong reasons and to a man I didn't love, whatever the hell that is, paraphrasing what Prince Charles said about Di before they married. My husband was fifty-six when we married. He's well off, comes from Manchester and is a successful  businessman verging on being a crook. The businesses he's in hints to that; waste management, skip hire, used cars, plant and machinery hire and night clubs. We married for the wrong reasons. I saw it as a way of gaining financial independence for my daughter he wanted a younger piece of eye candy to flaunt to his mates and fuck whenever he wanted. That said we make the best of it and Sara certainly got what I wanted for her and Bruce got mostly what he wanted from me. So, during the time when my thoughts about Sara were becoming more intense and taboo I was married. I don't know whether being in a loveless marriage had anything to do with my feelings, but I suspect it did influence them. I knew I was not a lesbian for in addition to my husband I was also screwing a guy from work and that had gone on for several years and more recently a young guy who gave me tennis lessons had found his way into my knickers. Hence, I was by no means a penis hater. I was not sure either, whether I was bisexual or not. Like most products of the eighties and nineties I had messed around with other girls. But then so many of us did and that included numerous stars including Madonna. At the time, lesbian sex was everywhere; in books and films, plays on TV and at clubs around the country. Everyone seemed to be at it and it was becoming acceptable. I had a few escapades at uni, a little fling on a holiday in Ibiza and one or two gropes at parties or clubs during my first marriage, but then nothing for ...