1. Seattle Mix Tape - Pawn

    Date: 1/13/2020, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: sprite, Source: LushStories

    I’ve been laying here, on her bed, for what seems an eternity, although the glowing red numbers on the clock tell a different tale. She left me here, naked, a white chess piece sitting precariously on my quivering stomach… “If it’s not there, precisely in the same place, when I return, you will regret it.” The menace in her voice left no room for doubt that she meant it. She’d left me with a kiss that left me hungry for more. Wet. Hot. Dominating. She, too, wore nothing, although it didn’t leave her looking vulnerable like it did me. Even naked she was clothed in power that made it hard to breathe… Or maybe that was the pain that burned through the nerves of my most sensitive parts. Curling my fingers into fists, my nails biting into my soft palms so hard I wondered if they drew blood, I fought the primal desire to escape. It would be so simple. No ropes or chains held me. Only the promise that, if I held out, if I was a good girl for her, she would allow me to come for her. I tried to hold onto that thought, clinging like a drowning man would to a lifeline. I did my best to distract myself from the spreading agony burning my nipples and clit. Earlier, she had dabbed ginger paste on them. One at a time, one hand clad in a blue latex glove. First the right. She’d used a basting brush, its soft bristles caressing my stiff nipple, tricking it as she applied a potent coat of pain over the sensitive surface. And then, simply because she is both cruel and loving, she attached a suction cup over it, turning the screw until the vacuum stretched it to double, perhaps triple its normal length. “It creates greater sensitivity and blood flow, pet.” I answered with a moan of pure need, tempered by growing concern as I felt the first stirrings of heat working its magic on my sensitive flesh. She followed suit with the other, taking her time, hands steady, unlike mine which trembled. “One more, and then we’re done.” She laughed, suddenly, and mussed my hair fondly at my whimper as I shook my head in denial, unable to speak a single word of protest, her intent sinking in. She had shown me three tubes. There was little doubt, at least in my mind, where she intended the third. Again, she was painstaking in applying the paste, coaxing my clit from hiding before coating it, positioning the silicon tube just so before turning the knob. I felt it being sucked into the trap by increments, each drawing a sharp gasp as it, too, grew warm, again, incrementally. “There you go. You look so beautiful. My perfect little pet. And now, I have some calls to make. All I ask of you is that you remain perfectly still and don’t upset my queen. A simple task. She followed her command, for that was what it was, with a tender kiss and, for a moment, pain was replaced by bliss. But only for a moment. It returned twofold as she left, her footsteps soft on the carpet, leaving me alone, the fire building within as I fought the urge to scream, tears running down my cheeks, every labored ...