1. The Rebellion Part One

    Date: 1/14/2020, Categories: Lesbian Author: prettyjoanne, Source: LushStories

    * Princess T * I spit and struggle, my limbs aching from the tight bonds, made tighter by the cruel slavers. They repaid my escape attempts and struggles with a vicious beating, leaving me tender and weak. The narrow confines below deck are cramped, and I can hear the creaking of wood and the calls of sailors. I know I am far from the beloved mountains and forests of my home. "Quit yer fighting, whore. You are bound to a noble's bed, and our pockets will be heavy with silver!" The slavers cackle, evil breath from behind rotten teeth. I know I could thrash any two or three of them, but an entire press gang waylaid me, and a bash to the back of my skull put me down. My mother would be ashamed of her daughter, a proud mountain woman, to be caught so easily, but I had fallen to the vile wine of the lowlands and was weak. I strain and flex my muscles, testing the bonds and the resilience of the sailors again. Since I stand just shy of six feet with muscles made iron by years of hunting and playing in the wilds, I almost break free but before I could do so a hard pain envelops my skull. The thick mane of golden locks cushions the blow, but I am still dazed as my bare feet are dragging along the rough planks. I am tossed into a dark cell, the porthole letting in just a single shaft of light and quickly chained to a crossbeam. I turn back to the door filled with rage and begin pounding on the thick oak. "Free me, you bastards! I will kill you all! I will kneel nor open to no man!" Their only response is cruel laughter, and I collapse on my knees. As I try to remain prideful, I force myself to choke back my tears and remain the strong mountain woman I was raised to be but soon, I am filled with fear when I hear a calm, yet commanding voice emerging from the shadows. "You will kneel to no man. But, will you a woman?" * Queen J * Bursting through the thick underbrush and finding myself on a long sand covered beach, my heart racing both from the long frantic run through the woods, which challenged even my superb battle trained conditioning, and my fear for my slave's safety, I pause to catch my breath. "What was I thinking? " I say silently to myself. Letting the three of us get separated, even for just a few minutes as we crossed the river, was foolish and dangerous. As I was swimming across, the others already on the opposite bank, I watched helplessly as my two faithful slaves, Haley and Kat, were attacked. They were quickly subdued and forced to leave with their attackers. As I reached the bank of the river I watched the attackers force my girls on to their nearby horses and ride away. Gathering my strength and stepping over the bodies of the two dead slavers that my girls had managed to strike down, I quickly followed them on foot and after an all-out 10-mile run I found myself on this beach. My breath and heartbeat back to normal I glanced left and right along the edge of the water. In the distance, I saw my two slaves and their dozen captors about to ...