1. How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Three)

    Date: 1/14/2020, Categories: Cuckold Author: The_reader94, Source: LushStories

    Bella began to explain to me the plan she had in mind. She introduced me to the concept of a cuck. I listened to her plan with pin-drop silence. She had my undivided attention. After she finished explaining me the plan, she asked me what I thought about it. “Are you sure this will work?” I asked Bella with concern in my voice. “If she loves you, then it will,” she replied with confidence. She paused and continued staring in my eyes. I knew she had something going on in her mind. “Care to tell me what you have in that mind of yours?” I asked. “Your daughter. What’s her name again? Hmm… Can you bring her over to my place this weekend? You can take Kate out for lunch.” I was confused at her strange request. “Hmm… fine. I will,” I agreed. I got up and made my way to the door. As I turned the doorknob, I heard her say, “And remember, don’t fuck Kate till I tell you to.” Kate and I had not had sex for three months. The fact that she was cheating was playing in the back of my mind. That literally killed the mood. And when Bella advised me not to have sex with her, I felt aroused. I came home and hit the shower. While in the shower, I jerked off. After supper, Kate retired to the bedroom while I came down to the living room and began to browse through porn websites on the laptop. I specifically mentioned cuckold porn in the search bar. I played a couple of videos. The videos did turn me on. I had a boner under my pajamas. At the same time, I felt a stab in the heart. I made sure that the cuckold webpage was on and, closing the lid of the laptop, I went to the bathroom to ease myself. Feeling satisfied, I returned to the bed. On Saturday, as promised, I dropped Sarah, my daughter, at Bella’s place and went home to pick up Kate. Apparently, I had not informed Kate about the lunch plan. So she was surprised to see me back home early. “Noel, what are you doing back here?” Kate was shocked to see me. “I thought you weren’t supposed to be back until five.” “Well, I wanted to surprise my beautiful wife. Get dressed. I want to take you out on a date,” I replied with excitement in my voice. “But… Oh dear, give me ten minutes.” With that, she went up to the bedroom. Her expression confused me. Was she expecting that bastard to come here? Well, I was glad that I ruined the plan. In fifteen minutes, she came down wearing her usual textured-sleeve sweatshirt and black jeans. For a change, I took her to a new restaurant which was twelve blocks away. I sensed that she was a bit surprised at my unusual behavior. “Are you going to stare at me the whole way?” I asked, bringing a grin on my face. “This is so unusual of you. What’s the occasion?” she enquired with confusion still on her face. I smiled. “Darling, I do it because I love you and I am your husband. I am proud to have a wife like you. And I am expecting a promotion.” “A promotion? Wow, honey, I am so proud of you.” “All thanks to your support, sweetheart.” “Don’t make me blush, sweetheart,” she smiled as she ...