1. The Not-So-Nice Canadian

    Date: 1/14/2020, Categories: Lesbian Author: byuncaged_lust, Source: Literotica

    Author's note: Hi dear reader! This story marks my first ever attempt at writing erotica! I welcome all sorts of feedback, especially the constructive feedback. I'm always looking to improve. Thanks, and enjoy! *** "Do you like women? Cuz I think you're like, really really pretty, and I'm really hoping you like women." Those were my very first, very drunken words to Dani. We were at a mutual friend's party, and she caught my eye almost immediately. I'm not the exactly the most bold person in any room, but after encouragement from my friends, and a lot of encouragement from my best friend Tequila, I was feeling confident enough to approach this very attractive woman. She had this style going on that was like a mix between sporty and butch, and this slim, cut body that I was really digging. Think of the female version of Adonis, all muscles and tanned skin. She was a little taller than me, 5 feet 7 inches or so, the same age at 23, and she had her long dark brown hair in a ponytail. At the party, she was wearing these athletic leggings (which made it impossible for me to not stare at her butt) and this slightly large black t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little. Her face was surprisingly soft, with a small, rounded chin and an immensely cute nose that seemed, like her shirt, almost a little too big for her face. I found her whole energy to be somewhat contradictory: she stood tall and proud, yet her soft features and long shirt made her look smaller and more vulnerable. I felt like I wanted to cuddle with her as much as I wanted her to just fuck my brains out. Turns out, she did like women, and I got to both cuddle with her and have her fuck my brains out. Win-win. Dani's personality fell quite in line with my first impression. She's a very confident, independent woman, definitely an alpha personality in many respects. Despite that, however, she could also be quite reserved. She somehow is so casually able to delicately balance being commanding and reserved. For instance, she would say something like "would you kindly get me a drink?" with a tone that was mostly polite, but I could always detect this little kick. It would be as if she had commanded me to get her a drink, and asking it as a question was just foreplay. I like to joke with her that she doesn't quite fit the stereotype of the invariably nice and polite Canadian, and I've nicknamed her my Not-So-Nice Canadian, due to her dominating, commanding personality. And yes, she was also the bedroom kind of commanding. She was so effortlessly good at sex, and she always looked me straight (or lesbian?) in the eyes, no matter what we were doing. Obviously she'd close them or look at what she was doing every once in a while, but it would only be a quick glance before she'd look back at me. She has these amazing brown eyes, and they, like my first impression, gave off this weird contradictory energy. Her irises were huge, leaving the white parts to occupy only the corners of her eyes. Yet her ...