1. behind his back

    Date: 1/14/2020, Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Non-consensual sex Straight Sex Author: FantasyBHM, Source: sexstories.com

    Hi, You can call me Clark. In 2004 I enrolled as a freshman at a University somewhere in Pennsylvania. The exact name of the University isn't important let's just Say that the University has a fascination with a large blue lion. My reason for choosing this University had absolutely nothing to do with its academic programs and even less to do with its elite sports programs. I enrolled at this University because I was following my ex girlfriend. My ex girlfriend and I pretty much had a love hate relationship. It was kind of one of those relationships where if you were not fucking you are fighting and if you were not fighting you were fucking. I know that sounds absolutely crazy. But it honestly worked for us for nearly two years until she graduated high school and went off to college. We decided it was just best to end things. Over the next year we Didn't really talk much. And fact the only time we actually would talk was when she would want me to come up for sex. I'm sure you're probably thinking there are tons of guys at a massive University why would she call you for sex. Well like I said "We had a strong sexual connection." Well my senior year had actually flown by rather quickly. I couldn't believe it was over because I actually enjoyed high school very much. There wasn't too many choices for me when it came to college. I knew that I had to stay in state And with my grades I could never get into one of the elite Pennsylvania private schools. So obviously I was headed off to the school with the big blue lion exactly where my ex girlfriend was attending. I told my ex girlfriend whose name is Anna by the way that I would be attending the same college as her starting in the fall. She was very excited to hear the news in fact she had some news of her own. Apparently she had met a guy while she was in college and they were getting extremely close. I have to admit that I was pretty hurt by the news. I honestly thought that perhaps with us going to the same University there was some hope of us getting back together. Even though we had absolutely nothing in common I still had feelings for her and they were beyond just sex. Sometime in late August I arrived at the University my ex girlfriend whose name is Anna by the way was not there. If you are familiar with large universities you probably are aware that freshman always arrive a week Before all the other students so that they can take tours of the campus and get to learn where all their classes are located. For them tire week I couldn't do anything but think about her. I was wondering what I would say to Anna when I actually saw her. It had been quite some time since we had even spoke let alone had sex. The Sunday where all the other students arrived to move into their dorms had finally came and I was unbelievably thrilled. I was finally going to see the girl that I had missed so much, Or at least missed Screwing. That Sunday evening I looked up her dorm Room number in the school directory. Her dorm ...