1. Wanna Swap? with Kelly

    Date: 1/14/2020, Categories: Group Sex Author: GoodToBeMe, Source: LushStories

    Kelly and I were seniors. It was the fall of 1977. The summer before, the parents of Kelly’s best friend, Yvonne, moved to the west coast as her mom had a major promotion with a pretty big company. Yvonne threw a fit about moving and the settlement was since she had turned eighteen, her folks rented her an apartment so she could complete her senior year and stay in town. Shortly afterward Yvonne began dating my friend Patrick, who was a year behind her in school. They quickly set up house in the apartment and nearly every day after school they went there and fucked their eyeballs out before Patrick went home to his folks. It was late in the fall on a Saturday that they invited Kelly and me over for a cookout. We enjoyed the meal and afterward, Kelly and Yvonne played some card game, which they loved and played for hours on end. I hated card games and never played them. So, Patrick and I drank some beer and listened to albums on the very sweet stereo system he had set up. The girls were working on a couple of cheap bottles of wine (Boone’s Farm or something close). After a couple of hours, Patrick and I started whining about being bored and were they going to play cards all night? They invited us to join them. “Ah, no thanks for me.” But Patrick piped up and said “Sure! But we pick the game.” The girls said okay. I just stared at Patrick. He knew I hated cards. Patrick said “Strip Poker!” Well, now it could get interesting! The girls had only a splash left in both wine bottles. They giggled, looked at each other and simultaneously said they were in! Damn! Patrick was a lot sharper than I gave him credit for! We all sat at the card table in the living room, where they had been playing. Three of us knew nothing about actual poker, so Patrick gave us a quick run-through. We played a sample hand, cards out, and Patrick walked us through how it could go. I lost the sample hand as I was dealt pure crap. We’re ready to move on to the real game and Kelly says “Hey, hold on. What are you taking off?” “Huh? That doesn’t count!” I said. “Oh yes it does!” says Kelly. I kicked off my shoes. “Happy?” I asked. She and Yvonne just smiled. Kelly lost a hand. She wasn’t wearing her sandals but declared they counted. Not sure how, but whatever? I lost the next hand, so off comes my shirt. Yvonne pulled the same crap about her sandals. Patrick knew how to play cards and things were going his way. Yvonne loses the next hand too. Takes off her little white blouse. Her bra was nothing special, plain white. But I got an idea of what her boobs would look like. I’d say they were as large as an “A” cup could be. And I could make out her nipples poking through. I got busted for staring and Kelly kicked me under the table. Patrick finally lost his shoes! Kelly lost her shirt. Things are happening now! I just watched Patrick’s face. Kelly’s tits are huge (32F bra size). A triple-hooker bra as I called it. A strong bra for a huge load we used to joke. Patrick just stared as I ...