1. Titcage (Chapter 41 continued) (posted with permission from AllTheseRoadworks)

    Date: 1/16/2020, Categories: Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Non-consensual sex Violence / Cruelty Extreme, Group Sex Pregnant, Rape Torture, Masturbation / Toys Water Sports / Pissing, Author: Jenny_Slut, Source: sexstories.com

    For the buck’s night, Michael had a special assignment for Claire. While her training and constant fuckings had dulled her mind somewhat, she still knew how to take orders. When he explained the mission to her, she looked confused, so he said she could bring Kitten for help. Claire and Slutkitten were to dress like normal women who had yet to undergo conditioning. Michael picked out conservative looking outfits for Claire and Kitten, but they were special. Because Michael didn’t want the sluts to get confused about whether or not they were supposed to be wearing clothing, the bras he gave them had tacks in them, causing the sluts constant pain in their fuckmelons. They also both had weights on their clits, and large anal plugs that hurt whenever they stood, to remind them that this was an exception, and standing was not for sluts (unless a man told them to). Michael instructed Claire and Kitten to go out dressed like this with one goal: bring him back something to play with. Michael explained (while fucking Claire’s mouth) that some sluts were still unenlightened, and thought they were people, like men. They didn’t understand that they were pieces of fuckmeat to be used and bred, yet. Claire and Kitten were to go out and find a group of some ignorant women and bring them back for Michael and his groomsmen. He showed them some videos of women who didn’t know they were sluts yet, so Claire and Kitten knew what to look for. The girls watched the videos, waiting for the women in them to get raped, or start servicing a man, but they didn’t. They didn’t even have decent sized fuckbags! Claire didn’t think about what her fiancé and his groomsmen would do to the women; that wasn’t her job. She felt strange wearing pants, and Michael had to help her put them on. She hadn’t had access to her cunt blocked in such a long time, it felt unnatural. When Kitten went to suck on Claire’s enlarged tits, Michael slapped both of them across their tits. “You have to act like these stupid sluts, not like the enlightened slut you are. You know what you’re for, right? “To hurt, and to cum in and on,” Claire answered immediately. Her tits stung, and the pain made her horny. But Michael insisted Claire and Kitten had to act like they hated sex, and men, in order to complete their mission. Claire thought of it like roleplay, which some men liked. Although she didn’t get why men would want a slut to act like she didn’t want him to piss in her mouth. Outfitted in flattering but conservative jeans, sneakers and highcut t-shirts, Michael dropped Claire and Kitten off outside a college dorm. Titcage had made them fake IDs so they could go into any of the university buildings. Before she got out of the car, Michael squeezed Claire’s tits hard, so the tacks bit into her flesh and she moaned in agony, begging to be allowed to suck Michael’s cock and touch herself. He assured her they would both be fucked thoroughly when they returned, and slapped Claire lightly across the face, so ...