1. Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 02 - The Office

    Date: 2/10/2020, Categories: Fetish Author: bysilversmiles64, Source: Literotica

    The Office Normally I would have an assistant to help me, but since this was not just a Halloween patient but a special Halloween patient, I was going to do this by myself. I had everything ready well ahead of time. I had even prepared a complete set of "full-metal-jackets", which I had placed on her plaster model, underneath a cloth. After getting her settled in the chair, which involved quite a bit of deliberate stocking-clad leg showing through the slit in her dress, I was ready to start. She had already brushed her teeth and was trying, unsuccessfully, not to smile too widely. Her hand had seemed to stray to my leg, even after I had placed it on the armrest twice already. I pick up the lip-spreader and gently insert it into one side of her mouth and then the other. I give her teeth a quick wipe with a cotton swab and then dry them completely with a warm jet of air. "I am going to need you to give me a little help. As I put the etching compound on your teeth, I need you to hold the suction for me." I had already positioned a mirror at the proper angle so that she could watch what I was doing during the installation of her braces. I apply the etch to her bottom teeth, give it a few minutes to do its work and then spray it off. She does a marvellous job with the suction nozzle, catching most of the spray with just a little help from me at the end. I slide my hand underneath the towel and pick up the top and bottom models with the bands on them. Like a magician, I pull the cloth off, revealing them to her. Her eyes go wide and her grip on my leg increases. "I had the lab make up a complete set, just in case you did decide to do both jaws. I am just going to do your lower jaw as we agreed." Her grip on my leg decreases slightly. I can't tell if her smile has changed because of the spreader in her mouth, but the glint in her eyes has increased. When we had done all her records, I had informed her that her bottom teeth had small gaps between most of them and that I would not need to put spacers between her back teeth to get the bands on. Now that she was getting all her lower teeth banded, she would not have any discomfort from the bands being installed. "If you have any discomfort from the bands, let me know right away because any problems need to be corrected before your transformation starts." She gives my leg a gentle stroke to let me know she understands. I slip the first molar band off the model and into her mouth. It slides perfectly into place around her back molar with just a slight tap. She gives my leg another gentle stroke. I work my way toward the front of her mouth, alternating between the left and right side of her lower jaw. When I am satisfied with the fit of all the bands, I mix up a batch of glue to apply to the inside of them. One by one, I remove them, coat the inside and then reinstall them on her teeth. This time I start on her front teeth and work to the back. Every so often I glance at her eyes, just to enjoy the look of joy ...