1. Wedding Dress

    Date: 2/11/2020, Categories: Fetish Trans Hardcore, Author: zebi_dee, Source: xHamster

    I was feeling horny one night and told Sarah I wanted to get dressed up. It was a bit of a gamble on my part as she might have been scared off by my idea.To my surprise she was very open to the idea and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her.We headed out to the shops and before I knew it we were buying some sexy clothes for me. A short tight black skirt, black fishnet stockings and black lace panties. A lovely white fitted blouse and a black satin corset with suspenders.Before we headed home she went to a shoe shop and had me try on a pair of 5 inch black patent heels, they fitted like a glove.With our purchases we headed home for a night in.Sarah left me in the bedroom and asked me to get dressed up. As I put on my new clothes I found myself getting really hot and horny thinking about what might happen later that evening. I was all dressed up and waiting for her to come back to the bedroom when I heard someone at the front door.I could hear some voices but didn't think too much about it. A few minutes after Sarah appeared in the and looked pleased to see how I looked in my office girl outfit. I was ready for some fun but she told me to wait while she got ready for me. I didn't know what she meant t that point.After sitting there for about 30 minute Sarah re appeared dressed in her Wedding dress from her first marriage. Full wedding gown, hooped lace underskirt, corset stockings and lace panties. All in white.I was feeling so hot and horny seeing her I nearly exploded on the spot.She came over to me and ran her hands gently up over my stockings, sliding my skirt up round my waist and started to rub my hard sissy cock, She told me that she had always wanted to have a slutty little bitch to play with.I asked her what she wanted from me and she told me that she wanted me to pretend it was her wedding day and I was one of the girls from her office. I had no idea at that point that she liked the thought of playing with other girls.She lifted her wedding dress and squatted over my face, placing her hot wet pussy over my mouth. It was a lovely feeling, all dressed up with a wet pussy on my lips.She rubber her pussy over my face, dripping her pussy juice all over me for what seemed like ages. Getting me so hot and horny I was barely able to stop myself from cumming.Then she told me that her friend Tracey had been at the door. I asked her what Tracey was there for and she said that she had phoned her earlier that day when we went shopping, I was so surprised that she had told her friend what we were up to.Sarah told me not to worry about that at the moment and asked me to take her to the shower so she could fuck me. I thought that would be fine and all dressed up I slipped inside her and pounded her little pussy till I shot my cum inside her.Just after I came inside her tight little pussy she told me she wanted something extra.I asked her what she wanted me to do and she knelt down in front of me in the shower and said she wanted me to piss all over ...